Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, which is a Caribbean vacation destination in Mexico, offers its visitors numerous adventures and activities. This renowned city has continued to maintain its reputation as it keeps growing. Have you started planning your next vacation? Have you made up your mind to visit Tulum but are unsure of what to see there? Well, in this article, we have put together five of the amazing things that you can do in this town.

Make your vacation memorable with these amazing activities

Here are some of the most thrilling and fun things that you and your family can do during your next vacation in Tulum, Mexico:

Visit the sculpture of Daniel Popper and taking amazing pictures of it

Ven a la Luz
Ven a la Luz

This mind-blowing, huge sculpture was commissioned in 2018 in Tulum for the first Art and Culture occasion. It was later installed permanently at the Ahau Tulum hotel by Daniel Popper, an internationally-known multidisciplinary artist. This artwork made from greenery, rope, steel, and wood symbolizes the deep connection we have with nature. While at this location with your kids, you can snap great pictures with the sculpture. You can still branch at the restaurant to have your lunch and some drinks.

Make a stunning dive into the Gran Sinkhole

Cenote Ik Kil
Cenote Ik Kil

If you are in the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find yourself around cenotes (natural sinkholes). In Tulum, you will find some magnificent sinkholes like Carwash, Gran Cenote, and Calavera. These are the most popular, but you will still find some other deserted ones if you make a little more search.

Party on the beach or bar-hop in downtown Tulum

Sunset Bar at Tulum
Sunset Bar at Tulum

If you are in search of party animals and night owls, there are several options in Tulum; whether you a fan of Caribbean salsa rhythms, live music, or beachside DJ sets. If you want to party on the beach, then you can just go to Papaya Playa Project. If you are in for some peculiar live music, we can recommend Batey. There are many other things to enjoy in Tulum. Just come with the aim of having unending fun.

Head to the Caribbean for swimming

Woman and the background of the ancient Mayan city of Tulum, Mexico
Woman and the background of the ancient Mayan city of Tulum, Mexico

Yeah, you guessed right; this is among the best things that anyone can do in Tulum. There are a lot of spectacular beaches in this area, like Paradise Beach. The ocean becomes crystal clear when it is calm, thereby allowing you to see down to the bottom without interruption. You will enjoy jumping and riding the waves when the ocean is more active. When you are on this beach, ensure that you carefully observe the flags which are signaling the water conditions. For example, when you see a black flag, it means that you shouldn’t swim. For a yellow flag, it means you should be cautious while swimming even though there is no pressing danger coming at the moment. A red flag shows that there is danger or you should be extremely cautious while swimming. Finally, a green flag indicates that the ocean is completely safe. You should have it at the back of your mind that you might not find flags on most of the remote beaches. Notwithstanding, swimming on the beach is fun.

Admire the turtles in their habitat

Akumal Bay, Riviera Maya, Mexico
Akumal Bay, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Lovers of nature will be pleased to be in Tulum as they will have the chance to explore nature. Every May to October in many of the coastlines, mother turtles usually head into the beach slowly after sunset in the evening to lay eggs before they return to the surf. If you want to snorkel with these gorgeous creatures, go to Akumal during the day.


With this article, you now know that there are numerous things to see and do in Tulum. Spend your vacation here with your family and give them something to always remember.


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