5 Affordable Wellness Retreats in The USA to Visit

Health is the greatest wealth. Those were the words of an ancient Roman poet. It is funny how many people in 2021 have not still made the “greatest wealth” their top priority. There are countless reasons we claim to be a hindrance for not embracing a healthy lifestyle to facilitate mindfulness and rejuvenation in our daily life.

Well, there are plenty of affordable wellness retreats in and around the United States. In this article, our main focus will be on serene places that offer natural beauty.

As a traveler, going to the right locations for relaxation, physical activity, spa services, healing, healthy eating, and going to a wellness resort is a deserved and affordable idea.

Affordable places you should go in the US for a wellness retreat

Places like South and North America like Florida, Costa Rica, Arizona, Mexico, Canada, and Washington, now offer extraordinary yet affordable wellness retreats. All that you just have to do is to choose your favorite retreat and go for it.

Here are five affordable wellness retreats in the USA:

4 Day Yoga, Hiking, and Adventure Retreat, Arizona

Meditation Retreat at Grand Canyon, Arizona
Meditation Retreat at Grand Canyon, Arizona

Have you ever wondered if there is a retreat in Arizona that specializes in meditation, healing, yoga, and self-care rituals combined with exploration adventure and hiking? Even if there is one, do you think it would be affordable?

Well, at Bigger Life Adventures, you can get the whole above-mentioned services in a 4-day yoga, hiking, and adventure retreat in the stunning Sedona and majestic Grand Canyon. In these retreats, each guest will receive a private choice of yoga, breath, or meditation, a reiki healing work session, or an ayurvedic wellness consultation. Personal attention is available to a maximum of eight people, and there are usually small group classes.

4 Day Yoga, Wellness, and Meditation, Florida

Zen Den Yoga School, Florida
Zen Den Yoga School, Florida

Just take a look at the sparkling, clear water, and you will feel the warm sunshine. This is what you get in Florida, especially in summer. That is what makes it a place that you can easily find a wellness program, and Zen Den Yoga School, located in Boca Raton, ranks among the best in the country. You will get series of yoga classes, such as Hatha, Sivananda, Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa, and many others; All these at a low price.

8 Day Breakfast and Cottage Lake Bed Retreat, Washington

Cottage Lake Bed and Breakfast, Washington
Cottage Lake Bed and Breakfast, Washington

Cottage Lake Bed and Breakfast is another serene and cheap wellness retreat in the United States. Here, you will always see eagles frequently soaring over the peaceful lake that is filled with geese, trout, and ducks.

After a yummy vegetarian breakfast, there are usually three types of meditation each day. You can still decide to practice yoga, do additional meditation, relax in the lounge chairs beside the water, use the fire pit, swim, or kayak.

Hilton Head Health, South Carolina

Hilton Head Health, South Carolina
Hilton Head Health, South Carolina

Guests are provided with an all-inclusive approach to wellness and weight loss at Hilton Head Island. You can go paddle boarding or kayaking or join a boot camp, TRX, or yoga class. There is also an on-site restaurant that serves shrimp and grits eggs, Benedict.

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona
Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

Stepping into Castle Hot Springs in Arizona grants you an escape from the daily monotony of life. In this resort, you can soak yourself in the natural thermal water, enjoy the different yoga classes and spa services, and nourish yourself on farm-to-table dining.


As we have rightly quoted from the beginning of this article, health is the greatest wealth. So, take your time to engage in some holistic wellness and physical activity at one of the above-mentioned locations.


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