5 Best Areas to Stay in Auckland

So you finally decided to come to New Zealand? That’s great news! You undoubtedly know where the fun is. 

The chances are that you will touchdown Auckland before going anywhere else in New Zealand. This small city has everything you need, but not everywhere. Plus, you wouldn’t like to start your New Zealand experience with a frustrating transport system. Living costs and weather conditions are other factors you should consider before making arrangements in Auckland.

To help you have a memorable vacation, we’ve reviewed some of Auckland’s best places to stay. 

Auckland Central Business District (CBD)

Auckland Central Business District (CBD) Auckland Travel Guide
Auckland Central Business District (CBD)

Right in the center of Auckland is the Central Business District. What stands this area out majorly is the easy access to public transport. Perhaps you have come to New Zealand to do business or catch fun; you’d want to take the bus or train. Auckland CBD transport system is the most reliable in Auckland. You can get to other areas right from the train or bus stations. 

Entertainment-wise, the Central Business District is in a league of its own. Nights are a time to unwind and party hard. Pubs offer the most refined drinks while the live bands serenade you with sweet music that penetrates your soul. Restaurants and shops are nearby your accommodation. Likewise, there’s a long list of low-cost hostels and luxury hotels. 


Newmarket from hill view Auckland Travel Guide
Newmarket from hill view

The business hub of Auckland, Newmarket, houses the best shops, cinemas, restaurants, and shopping malls. Essentially, you’ve got everything you need right at your doorstep. If you’d love to book a room in this area, Newmarket is located south of the Central Business District. 

Trains and buses are available for your transits. Compared to other areas in Auckland, hotel costs are on the high side in Newmarket. But cheap hotels are also rife. 


Ponsonby Auckland Travel Guide

If you’d like to know what happens in CBD without staying in the area, Ponsonby is the best place to stay. The stores are a bit pricey, and the restaurants got the best meals you can find around. Boutique shops are also available if you need to get some clothes or buy gifts for your loved ones back home. 

Being a central location, you can get to the city from Ponsonby in about twenty minutes. On top of this, you shouldn’t miss out on the fun at night. You’d see everyone socializing and treating themselves to the coldest beers and finest cocktails. Irrespective of your budget, you will find a nice place to stay in Ponsonby. 

Viaduct Harbour

Viaduct Harbour Auckland Travel Guide
Viaduct Harbour

The old port of Auckland was renovated, and life is now given to what is christened, the Viaduct Harbour. Right beside Britomart and the CBD, you’d notice that there’s a specific fun time in Viaduct Harbour. Everyone is making merry and having the best of times from morning till night.

You can hire a yacht, super boat, or ship at the Viaduct Harbour Marine. But make sure you can bear the cost.

While Viaduct Harbour is not the cheapest area to live in, it is an excellent choice for its proximity to the Britomart Metro station and ferry terminal.

Mission Bay

Living area along Mission bay Auckland Travel Guide
Living area along Mission bay

Families make lasting memories at mission bay. This beach is right in Auckland’s central east area. You can bring your kids along and this is equally a perfect place to propose to your partner.

Nevertheless, mission Bay is the most expensive location in Auckland. The beach is better enjoyed during the summertime!

Wrapping up 

So, there you go! You probably know the coolest Auckland neighborhoods to stay in now. And some areas might be more appealing to you. But when considering the options, don’t forget to check your budget. You are surely set for one of the best times of your life!


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