5 Jaw-dropping Surf Spots You Can Find In Mexico

Mexico is gifted with over 4500 miles of amazing pacific coastline. This makes it a dream come true for surfers, most especially if you love to surf in multiple locations just to test out the current, and if you’re a pro, to stay in the team.

This has made surfers from all over the world flock to Mexico. And as a result of the flooding, many hotels were built near beach sites ideal for surfing. This adds to the fun because you can not only surf but also have access to nice accommodation for yourself.

If you’re a surfer you would want to know which surf spots in Mexico are ideal for your kind experience. This article will discuss some of the 5 beautiful surf spots in Mexico where you can get the best out of your surfing.


Todos Santos, Baja Norte

Baja California, Mexico
Baja California, Mexico

The town of Todo Santos has a great reputation for being an artistic escape from the tourist crowd in the neighboring town of Los Lobos. This town has been a paradise for surfers, long before it became cultural heaven. All surfers regardless of their level of experience have a place where they can surf. This town is so diverse in waves, and that makes it an ideal place for surfers. Cerritos Beach is a good place for beginners to start their way up to intermediate, while the coast of San Pedrito is reserved for professionals. The best time to catch a wave is usually during the winter or just a the end of the summer.

Barra De La Cruz, Oaxaca

Barra De La Cruz, Oaxaca
Barra De La Cruz, Oaxaca

This town is gifted with the best surfs not only in Mexico but the world in general. One of the best surf spots is located in the town of Barra de Lacruz, just 12 miles from the resort town of Huatulco. This spot was a secret until the 2006 Rip Curl Pro search annual surf competition. That competition helped to put this coast on the map. This surf spot, though known, is still a secret to many, this is as a result of the hills which help separate other beaches from seeing the town. This helps the coast to still Maintain its beauty and naturalness, which makes it still a great surf spot to date.

Pacualise, Colima

Pacualise, Colima
Pacualise, Colima

This is a lesser-known state in Mexico and is not even remembered by tourists. Though this town is hidden, it has a lot to offer surfers, most especially Boca de Pascual. This coast is known for its amazing breaks and perfect tubes. It is only reserved for professionals because the waves there have been seen to reach a record 25 feet. April to September is the ideal time for surfers to visit for they are more likely to catch a wave.

Troncones, Guerrero

Los Cabos, San Jose Mexico on the Baja peninsula
Los Cabos, San Jose Mexico on the Baja peninsula

This town does not have much to offer tourists but is ideal for surfers. The town is known for its perfect beach community and surf hot spots. If you are visiting this town, know that you have to come prepared with all the things you would need for surfing, although the town offers surf lessons and board rentals.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Mazatlan, Sinaloa
Mazatlan, Sinaloa

This town is located in the western state of Sinaloa and is a priceless gem for surfers. It has the coast of playa Los Pines, which is a great place for beginner surfers, down to the coast of Ola’s Altas which is ideal for professionals. The beauty of this town lies in the fact that every surfer, no matter the level of experience, has a place to surf in this town.

Hope this article has helped to show you five great surf spots in Mexico for both beginners down to the professionals.


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