6 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas: Your Essential Mexico Travel Guide

Mexico is famous for offering Cancun to travelers around the world. However, this country has many other worthwhile locations too. For instance, Cabo San Lucas will take you into a different realm with its surreal beaches and outdoor sites. So here are six things you can do at this place during your trip.

Visit The Land’s End

 El Arco, at Land's End
El Arco, at Land’s End

The Land’s End is a beautiful place in Cabo San Lucas that many people visit to watch sunsets. This location is iconic because two beaches meet here. You can enjoy your time at the Playa del Amor or Playa del Divorcio to immerse yourself in the Land’s End beauty.

You can take pictures around the rocks and watch the hue of colors on the horizon during sunset. Meanwhile, you book a boat tour or water taxi to explore the Land’s End from the sea. You can also visit the nearby attractions in the southern region.

Explore San Jose Del Cabo

Accommodations in San Jose Del Cabo
Accommodations in San Jose Del Cabo

Many people visit European cities to explore the older regions and immerse themselves in the classic vibe. The good news is that San Jose del Cabo will also offer you the same experience. You can learn more about Mexico’s history at this place and enjoy the architecture.

The fastest way to reach the place is by taking a water taxi to arrive within 20 minutes. However, trekking to San Jose del Cabo is the best way to explore the attractions of this location. The best time to visit the region is every Thursday because the streets fill with lively vendors and artisans. You should also visit the plaza to try different restaurants.

Tour The Flora Farms

The Flora Farms
The Flora Farms

Flora Farms have been in Cabo San Lucas for many years and has expanded with time. The best part about this location is that it is near San Jose del Cabo. The 25-acre farm contains growing multiple flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

The farm also has a kitchen and an on-site restaurant to let you enjoy classic dishes. As a visitor, you should join the free walking tour of the farm to explore it in the best way. After that, you can have lunch with your loved one or the other visitors.

Walk Around The Marina

The Marina Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas
The Marina

No visit to a beach town is complete without walking around the marina. After all, the location is easily accessible and lets you enjoy it in multiple ways. You can grab some ice cream from a vendor near the port and beat the heat in summers.

Besides that, you will see multiple yachts and cruises on the pier. Some of them may also take you on tour for a small fee. The nearby Puerto Paraiso Mall and Luxury Avenue are also some attractions you can visit for shopping.

Go To Todos Santos

Souvenir shop in Todos Santos Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas
Souvenir shop in Todos Santos

Most people explore the beaches in Cabo San Lucas for a memorable trip. However, you must visit the Todos Santos if you’re an art lover. The Sierra de Laguna mountain is hidden behind this area and complements its beauty.

Meanwhile, the original Hotel California is the most famous site in this region, and a song has been written about it by the Eagles. You can also visit the numerous galleries if you’re a fine art enthusiast. The location also has small beaches and other outdoor attractions.

Hike The Pedregal

View of The Pedregal Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas
View of The Pedregal

When you visit Cabo San Lucas, you will encounter a view of the rising mountains sweeping the ocean and marina. They are called the Pedregal, which means “rocky mountains,” and provide the best hiking ground for outdoor enthusiasts.

The region contains many luxury villas and forms a private community in San Cabo Lucas. Its trails offer challenging and easy paths to suffice the needs of all outdoor activity lovers. So be sure to take your hiking gear and explore the Pedregal at least once.

Final Words

These are the six things you can do in Cabo San Lucas during your trip. The town has multiple beaches for sunbathing, snorkeling, whale watching, and more.

You can also visit the different malls on Luxury Avenue to shop for yourself or your family. So whether you are a first-time visitor or frequent traveler, these things will help you enjoy Cabo San Lucas in the best way.


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