Adventures in Vermont: The Top Scenic Drives

The 12,000-square-mile state of Vermont has a lot to offer. It’s a tourist’s dream from small towns to quaint villages, mountains to hills. Suppose you’re planning a vacation, or even just need some suggestions on where to take the family for your next weekend getaway. In that case, this article is perfect for you!

“Vermont is the only state in America where you can be in the wilderness and then visit a covered bridge within minutes.”

This quote from Katharine Lee Bates, a well-known lyricist during the early 20th century, best describes Vermont’s beauty. And it’s because of that beauty that many people will find themselves driving through this state on their way up to Canada or down to New York City.

Because so many people drive through Vermont, we thought it would help me share with you some of my favorite scenic drives.

Vermont State Highway 100

The Barn near the road Adventures in Vermont
The Barn near the road

Fields and farmlands abound as you make your way through the land of dairy cows and maple syrup. You’ll find plenty of spots for camping along this route, as well as small towns that have been around since Vermont was still part of New York’s territory. The road will also take you through the Brattleboro area, which is home to the world’s largest covered bridge.

Vermont State Highway 10

Vermont State Highway 10
Vermont State Highway 10

This is another great road to travel in Vermont. This scenic drive travels from Burlington through towns such as Colchester, Killington, Stowe, and Stratton. While you’re on this route, be sure to stop by Stratton Abby for a view of some beautiful scenery and an amazing hike to the top of Stratton Mountain in Downtown Stratton.

Vermont State Highway 12

Vermont State Highway 12
Vermont State Highway 12

This route goes through some of the most wonderful valleys and mountains Vermont has to offer. The road winds its way through the towns of Stowe, Waterbury, and Montpelier. While you’re on your trip, be sure to stop in downtown Stowe for a delicious meal or maybe a piece of pie!

Vermont State Highway 100A

Vermont State Highway 100A
Vermont State Highway 100A

Great for those who enjoy historic places and small villages. This route takes you from Williamstown to Okemo Mountain in Ludlow. Along the way, you’ll find villages that will make your heart skip a beat - they’re just that adorable! This scenic drive is also home to Mettowee Gorge - famous for its beautiful rock formations and streams.

Vermont State Highway 100B

Vermont State Highway 100B

If you’re looking for a lovely walk through the forest, then this route is one for you. This scenic drive takes you through back roads and small villages until you reach the summit of Mt. Mansfield. 100B will take you from East Middlebury to the top of Mt. Mansfield.

Vermont has plenty of scenic drives to offer no matter where you’re starting or ending your trip. From the fields of grass and blue skies to the rough and rugged mountains - it’s a true paradise for those who love nature and beauty!


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