Astounding Places to Vacation in Arizona

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Arizona is full of geographical beauties, great vacation destinations, and dazzling small towns. If you’re looking to get away and experience fun times, take a look at this list of top places to visit in Arizona. 

1. Grand Canyon 

Rafting in the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park Places to Vacation in Arizona
Rafting in the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park

You can’t visit Arizona without at least seeing the Grand Canyon once. It is one of the most well-known and visited attractions and national parks in America. It is a true natural wonder of the world, and there’s so much to do when visiting. Go on a hike or if you’re feeling fancy, take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and get a view of every remarkable aspect these red rocks have to offer. You should also check out Grand Canyon Village. This tourist-centric town I was curated specially for its namesake of the Grand Canyon. It holds just as much history as the Grand Canyon. It has railroads that date back to the early 1900s. In fact, many of the buildings and structures are still standing from the 1900s. Visit this village and tour the historic buildings, and don’t forget to stop by the gift shop before you leave. You can pick up so many souvenirs to remember the fun times you’ll have in Grand Canyon Village. 

2. Havasu Falls 

Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls 

This serene spot is equally beautiful and enchanting. Pools of water at the base of Havasu Falls have a bluish-green tint to the water and has a waterfall that is split down the middle, in a fork-like way, so it looks as though there are two waterfalls when the river is in a heavy flow. Without intruding on the community that takes residence here, the Havasupai tribe (the “people of the blue-green water”) live a secluded life but depend on tourists visiting the falls. Get a glimpse into their modest farm life when you go visit. 

3. Tombstone 


Tombstone offers a modern look at an Old West town. It’s like walking on to the movie set of the Wild Wild West! Sorry, I don’t think you’ll run into Will Smith, but you will get to experience western life. There are staged gunfights in the streets and characters who walk through town in period-appropriate costumes to recreate the olden days of this quaint Arizona town. Every shop, restaurant, and attraction is designed with its visitors in mind. 

4. Antelope Canyon 

the Lower Antelope Canyon
the Lower Antelope Canyon

A beautiful destination for visitors of all types, the two different parts of Antelope Canyon are both beyond fascinating. Their widely distinctive features lent them to be respectively nicknamed ‘The Crack’ and ‘The Corkscrew.’ Situated in a Navajo Tribal Park, the Upper and Lower parts of Antelope Canyon are exclusively available via booking a tour. 

5. Scottsdale 

Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona

The West’s Most Western Town offers year-round warm weather here in Scottsdale welcomes millions of visitors to the streets each year. There are a ton of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars that cater to every tourist on any budget. Throughout the site are numerous historical festivals and events held regularly that embrace the town’s heritage. From cowboy competitions to horse shows, there is always something new to try. Check out the great museums and art galleries if you want to see the culture before enjoying the poppin nightlife. 

6. Tucson 

the Santa Catalina Mountains
the Santa Catalina Mountains

This college town is sure to offer great memories and an even better nightlife! It has an equal balance of fun times and a rich history. It is the second-largest city in the state is a delightful mix of cultures that attest to its long and assorted history. Its numerous museums and lively arts and culture scene showcase the city’s diversity. It is also home to Saguaro National Park and the Santa Catalina Mountains. 

7. Canyon de Chelly 

Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly
Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly 

One of the most visited national monuments in the country, Canyon De Chelly, has been inhabited for over five thousand years. The site is owned and run by the Navajo, and there are a number of great trails and horseback tours available to visitors. 

8. Musical Instrument Museum 

Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona
Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona

You read that right, “Musical Instrument Museum.” With over 15,000 instruments from every single country in the world in its galleries, this is an exhibit that musical artists or lovers should take a trip to visit. These are musical instruments that you won’t only be able to see and learn about, but play them also! 

9. Lake Powell  

Lake Powell
Lake Powell

A man-made reservoir situated on the Colorado River, Lake Powell, was created in 1972 when the Glen Canyon was flooded after an abrupt opening of the Glen Canyon Dam. This site is both practical and beautiful. Aside from supplying water to multiple different states, these days, it serves as one of the best places in the state for all sorts of recreational water activities in an otherwise arid landscape 

10. Route 66 

Route 66
Route 66

Life is a highway, and you’ll want to ride it all night long after you visit the famous Route 66. Perfect for the family, You’ll find it in no time – just keep driving along and enjoying the stuff to see along the way. The kids are sure to love this road which was popularized by the movie Cars. This route is not simply a road but a road to memories with loved ones. While en route, take a break and stop for lunch at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In.  

Arizona offers family fun, outdoor adventures, and memories only one can dream of. Pack up the car or book your flight to visit some of the attractions on the list! 


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