As the most visited city in the entire world, it’s safe to say that Bangkok features highly on many traveler’s bucket lists of places to see. With its abundance of historical sights, fun activities, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy some of the mouthwatering cuisines that Thailand is famous for, you’d be mad not to at least consider Bangkok as somewhere for you to see before you die. While most people think about organizing their annual vacation during the summer, winter is actually the best time to visit Bangkok. To find out why to read on.

A Mix of Celebrations

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration in Thailand
Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration in Thailand

Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist country, but that doesn’t stop the Thais from celebrating other religious festivals throughout the winter period. Christmas isn’t technically celebrated in Thailand, but due to a large amount of expats in Bangkok, you’ll see Christmas trees and decorations around the city, especially in the major shopping centers. You may even spot a Thai Santa Claus! Due to the city’s Chinese population, the Lunar New Year is also observed here, with traditional lion dances, street parades, and – of course – fireworks.

Amazing Weather

Wat Arun at night time Bangkok
Wat Arun at night time Bangkok

If you visit Bangkok in the months of July and August, you’ll find your sightseeing hindered by the intense heat – traipsing around a busy city drenched in sweat isn’t that much fun. But in the cooler season, temperatures drop to a more comfortable average of 28°C, meaning you can wander around without getting too hot and sticky. This temperate climate makes Bangkok the perfect place to escape to avoid the cold, dreary weather in the west.

Bustling Crowds

China Town Yaowarat Road Bangkok Bangkok in Winter
China Town Yaowarat Road Bangkok

December to February is the peak time for traveling to Bangkok; the city is busy at any time of year, but it’s during these months that Bangkok really does start to fill up. While this might seem like a reason to avoid the city in winter, it actually makes it the most wonderful time to go. There’s just something exciting about visiting Bangkok when there are throngs of people around. It’s also a great time to meet new people from all walks of life, making your holiday much more fun.

Delicious Food

Bangkok Street Food
Bangkok Street Food

World-renowned for its amazing cuisine, Bangkok is the place to go if you want a foodie vacation this winter. There really is something for everyone here, from cheap and cheerful street food stalls to high-end restaurants. If you’re on a budget, excellent quality food can be found on pretty much every street in the city with all your Thai favourites, including Pad Thai and curries, even if you decide to sit down in a local restaurant rather than the street food stalls. But for the ultimate Bangkok culinary experience, you should head down to one of the night markets to soak up the atmosphere while you eat.


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