Best Beer Cities Around The World

Beers brewed by mustached hipsters, monks, and different ancient tribes are some of the oldest beverages available in the world. A lot of people also consume it. A lot of people travel wide and far to enjoy that perfect sudsy sip.

Do you want to get your very own sip? There are a variety of locals which we’re sure you have not been to. Here we would be talking about the best Beer Cities located all around the world. Some of these are from big-time American factory towns till we get to major top pubs in Europe. Stay tuned, friends.

List of Best Beer Cities all around the World

Munich, Germany

Pub in Munich, Germany Beer destinations in the world
Pub in Munich, Germany © Unsplash / Louis Hansel
  • What you would love to see

It would be nothing but sad if we did not talk about Oktoberfest. This is the sixteen-day festival in Munich. It is dedicated to every and anything beer. There are about seven million liters that are annually served in various tents. Along with Bavarian specialties. Try thinking about mackerel, dumplings and bratwurst. All the sounds of pounding oompah bands and clinking steins. Various wired guides could easily help you know your way through the masses. If you find it difficult to reach Munich when fall comes, try going through brewery tours. Also, you should check out Erdinger and Paulaner tours. You’ll have more fun than you expected, trust it.

  • Where to Drink

Oktoberfest gets around six million visitors at the same time. Munich has world-renowned beer gardens. You could pull up one of your five thugs and seats at the Augustiner-Keller Biergarten. This is one of the oldest Munich pubs. You get to enjoy some soaked-up Bavarian Beers.

Denver, USA

Pub in Denver, Colorado
Pub in Denver, Colorado
  • What you would love to see

Have you tried disappearing, even if it’s for a little bit, into the Denver Beer Triangle? From Denver until you get to Ft. Collins and then to Boulder, this space has a cool nickname titled Napa Valley of Beer. These are used for its microbreweries and celebrations of beer. You need to check out the Great American Beer Festival of October. Here there’s a mix of a lot of American brewers who fight in eighty-four different categories. These include the best coffee beers, which are gluten-free.

There’s Colorado, Golden which are homes to Coors. These are big breweries available in the world. You could go on a long tour all around the factory. These produce about one point five million beer gallons daily.

  • Where should you Drink?

Do you love and enjoy party hop instead of simply staying in a specific place. There’s Pedal Hopper Denver. These are groups of party bike oriented which would pedal you and about fifteen friends from one bar to the next. This provides you with the chance to add some exercise to your awesome pub crawl. For people who would like to remain in a specific place, the Wynkoop Brewing Company, founded by Colorado Governor Hickenlooper John, would bring together every side of the aisle with some inspired beers. These include Patty’s Chile Beer, which has many smoked Ancho and some Anaheim chiles with some awesome smoked peppers. This is an adventure that you would enjoy, and it would leave you with a very long-lasting memory.

Montreal, Canada

Brewery in Montreal, Canada
© Unsplash / Elevate
  • What you would enjoy seeing

This is the place to visit at the beginning of summer. Mondial de la Biere has many Canadian and international brews, and it comes with pairing workshops, seminars, and events that work very well for intellectual beer buffs. You could sample a lot of lagers, bocks, and a variety of ales. These include honey wines, plus ciders from different giants like Labatt and Molson. Also including those from dozens of other brasseries which are based in Montreal. Whenever you get hungry, you could enjoy many things, including exotic meats, French Canadian sweets, and every other edible available. Just know as you’re going to be there, you’re there to have a lot of fun. No more, no less.

  • Where to Drink

Over the past twenty years, Montreal has become a brewpub mecca. You can look at where everything started from. For example, you could easily check out the quirky Le Cheval Blanc. This is one of the first created pubs in the city. It has served a handful of popular handcrafted beers.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • What you would love to see

Because this is close to the brewing hub of the canals and Belgium, which have served as major avenues for shopping, Amsterdam has a long history soaked in the export and production of beer. It is popular. The city has its own Amstel and Heineken brands. There’s also Grolsch which has roots deep inside Groenlo.

It would be best if you tried taking a trip to the Heineken Experience. This is a self-guided slick tour that has interactive displays. They also look at brewing stills. Brouwerij is an awesome brewery with top-fermented unfiltered libations with a less touristy room for tasting and an awesome pub. This is a place you would enjoy and would leave you with lifelong memories.

  • Where to enjoy what you’re drinking

Amsterdam is completely famous because of its brown bears, bruin cafes, traditional Dutch dives, which are wonderful when they are free of the crowd, candlelit, carpeted, and dark. You could enjoy your time there and stay for hours simply looking at a newspaper. You could also enjoy your time at the Cafe de Wetering or enjoy being at the art nouveau Cafe ‘t Small. There, the bartenders would not stress you, not in the least bit. The slow pace is greatly appreciated at this pub.


So, there we have it, these are around the best beer cities available in the world. In these cities, your imagination is the limit. You get to visit cities where a lot of beer is made and is enjoyed by the people around.  You need to find time and visit these great beer cities around the world. Trust us when we say you won’t regret it.


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