Fun and Adventurous Things to do During Your Visit to Hudson Valley

You must have heard of the pure goodness known as Hudson Valley. The home away from home where it can seldom go wrong. The 25-year-old region has been a famous tourist attraction, with each county offering you all shades of beauty, relaxation, and adventure at whatever time of the year you choose to go.

After deciding to visit, or perhaps you are finally there, you may be overwhelmed on what to do eventually or where to start from. Either way, this article is written with you in mind. We’ve taken the time to outline a carefully curated list of things you can do in Hudson Valley to achieve that peak vacation spirit you want to go home with. From outdoor activities to experiences that allow you to feed your eyes with the most beautiful places and have your taste buds blown away in all the ways Hudson Valley has to offer.

So, let’s dive right in!

Historic Beauties to Behold!

The Vanderbilt mansion Things to do in Hudson Valley
The Vanderbilt mansion

More often than not, the pictures don’t do justice to the heart-stopping historical sites that Hudson Valley is filled with so much that it is surreal they can all be found in one place.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt presidential library and museum would be a good place to start. A whole day learning and experiencing American culture in the most relaxed and cheerful way with other people wouldn’t hurt. It also allows you to visit the Roosevelt country home, which has become a part of history. It gets exciting as these places still maintain their ancient beauty with very little technology.

The Vanderbilt mansion is yet another national historic site the region is adorned with and so another wonder to behold.

Museums, Arts and Galleries

Hudson Beach glass gallery | Photo via Hudson Beach glass gallery's Facebook Things to do in Hudson Valley
Hudson Beach glass gallery | Photo via Hudson Beach glass gallery’s Facebook

The Hudson valley center for contemporary art is not only the home for pure art exhibitions; it has become a home for the art of both established and up-and-coming artists alike. They go as far as providing room for you to discuss and learn their arts together with them.

Children are not left out; that’s what the SUNY poly’s children’s museum of science and technology was established for. The range from live animals, exhibits, and hands-on technological experiences give them an exciting experience while they’re at it.

Hudson Beach glass gallery takes creativity to a whole new level as you get to see various artworks made from glass of various colors, shapes and sizes.

The Food, an Adventure of Its Own!

Troy waterfront farmer’s market | Photo via Troy waterfront farmer’s market's Facebook Things to do in Hudson Valley
Troy waterfront farmer’s market | Photo via Troy waterfront farmer’s market’s Facebook

A bad day can be instantly brightened up with good food. But how about when it’s fresh? Because that is the experience you get from Troy waterfront farmer’s market. As much as the smells from fresh food can fill you up, the farm-to-table experience it provides is even better. It’s always an adventure trying out new foods and sharing them with loved ones.

The Hudson Valley experience is not only endless but unique to everyone who decides to visit. But one thing is certain: the experience is unique for everyone!


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