Iconic Movie Location You Can Visit in USA – Part 2

The movie locations that reveal your favorite movie scenes are something you should add to your bucket list of iconic sights in the USA. We have seen films in certain places like; The Philadelphia Museum of Art, New York City, San Francisco, and Savannah, Georgia.

There are other beautiful locations that are filled with awesome films. Hence, we are going to list out these places and their iconic movies.

Let’s take a glimpse.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel Movie Location in USA
Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel

The world’s best romantic comedies were featured at this place, which is called PRETTY WOMAN. Pretty Woman is at the top when it comes to romantic comedies. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were the main actors and actresses in this movie. Julia Robert’s part was to play as a prostitute, while Gere played as a successful businessman, who, in the long run, hired the prostitute (Robert).

During Gere’s stay at Beverly Hills, Julia acted as his escort to several events. Later a series of bubble baths and a shopping trip was what happened. And Behold, they both fell in love. This is an awesome romantic comedy, which you wouldn’t want to neglect. Presently, you can book a “pretty woman for a day ” experience. Bring the fairy tale back to life by visiting the Wilshire.

Ohio State reformatory

Ohio State reformatory

Ohio state reformatory is the location where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed.  It is a drama that was based on Stephen King’s novella. The main actors were Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) and Red (Morgan Freeman).

In this movie, Andy Dufresne was given two life sentences for apparently killing his wife and lover, but he refused to be guilty; he denied the crimes. Therefore, he was sentenced to prison. While at the prison, that was when he met Red and formed an unlikely alliance with him. This inspires the prison community in further aspects. This drama is extraordinary and very catchy to view.

Los Angeles

Fox Plaza
Fox Plaza

Los Angeles has a Nakatomi Plaza, which is also called Fox Plaza. It is the HQ for Twentieth Century Fox in LA. This is the location where the movie “Die Hard” was filmed. Die Hard is the first ultimate holiday movie for people that disliked holiday movies. They couldn’t resist the urge to view it because of how interesting the movie turns out to be.

During the filming of Die Hard, the building was under construction. Other movies like speed and fight club were also featured in this location. While on holiday, you can add this location to your list of viewing ultimate holiday movies.


These are the top iconic movie locations in the USA, which feature lots of awesome movies. At Beverly Hills, we can be sure to enjoy the world’s best romantic comedies, while at Ohio State, we are certain to enjoy dramatic movies that will intrigue you to keep coming back.

Adding these locations to your bucket list of iconic movie sights in the US is worth it!


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