It’s Christmas! Check out the Choicest holiday destinations in the US.

We are fast approaching the holidays, business end of the year, and of course, Christmas. The Yuletide is a season of love and togetherness, so it is the perfect time to visit beautiful places home and abroad, whether alone or with family and friends.

Regardless of whether you have set out plans or not, we have listed the best locations to enjoy the holidays in the United States, ranging from exotic hotels and resorts to beautiful islands and beaches.

Below are five choice destinations to spend your holidays in the United States

Fremont Hotel & Casino

Fremont Hotel & Casino Christmas Destinations in the US
Fremont Hotel & Casino

As you probably know, Las Vegas, aka “Sin City,” is the home of lights and actions. If you really want to have fun in the United States playing Casino games in the heart of Vegas, Fremont is where you should be this holiday.

You get to play Horse racing games, poker, card games, and several other games, even with coins. Of course, there are a million Casinos in Vegas, but the Fremont Casino offers a healthy balance between entertainment and affordability.

That’s Not All!

This well-situated location offers you more than just a gaming experience; its central location helps you enjoy a beautiful view of Downtown Las Vegas from the upper floors. Their hotel service is top-notch, their bar is exquisite, and their food is well recommended. There are also other side attractions in the Fremont Hotel and Casino, making it a one-stop shop for relaxation and entertainment.

Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center

Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center Christmas Destinations in the US
Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center

If you are visiting Texas, you should indeed check-in at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center. It is ideal for family trips, where you can grab the feel of nature in a classy environment. You get to feel the peace and quiet from the glass atriums at the indoor gardens and the outdoor pool.

Staying in is very nice, as they have luxury suites, top-class restaurants, and even a retail shop for handy groceries, should you decide to stay for a few days. You can also enjoy the feel of live band music and entertainment while relaxing outside.

If you enjoy sports, there is a gym, a spa, a golf club, and even water sports, all well-equipped with contemporary indoor sports facilities for your pleasure. The Gaylord Texan Resort should undoubtedly be top of your list if you visit Texas.

Santa Catalina Island

View from above the bay and casino, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island Christmas Destinations in the US
View from above the bay and casino, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island

is one of the most beautiful attractions in Los Angeles. It’s a natural and beach and an excellent destination for both young and old. You can enjoy the chills from the water, play on the sand, ride in boats, and even surf if you want to.

One of the most exciting activities here is the whale watching tour, which many tourists have described as an “unforgettable experience.

If you would love to try out this resort, you can stay for days, as it has options for lodging, and the restaurant serves great food for decent amounts. It should definitely be on your holiday checklist.

Sea island

the Cloister hotel Christmas Destinations in the US
the Cloister hotel

Think luxury, think nature and think of the Sea Island in Georgia. It is arguably the most luxurious island in the entire country. If you want to have the undiluted feel of nature with an air of class, then you should book reservations at sea island.

There are Private beaches, fishing and golf courses, a fitness center, horseback riding activities, and other attractions like sailing, gaming, or playing tennis.

As you would probably expect, their restaurants are 5-star, and the Cloister hotel is simply a home away from home.

Although a trip to Sea Island is quite pricey, it offers value for money, and you shouldn’t hesitate to spoil yourself on a trip here.

Orlando Pottery Festival | Photo from Orlando Pottery Festival's Facebook
Orlando Pottery Festival | Photo from Orlando Pottery Festival’s Facebook

If Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, and Restaurants aren’t your thing, you should definitely enjoy the beauty of the American Culture by partaking in the Holiday festivals. Some of them are

  • Early Music Festival of New York.
  • Orlando Pottery Festival, and
  • The Found Footage Festival

There are a thousand and one destinations to spend your holidays in the United States, but the locations above will give you the most relaxing, fun, and entertaining feel ahead of the New year. Happy Holidays!


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