Looking for Romance on Valentine’s Day? Check Out These Romantic Destinations in Europe!

While you can choose to stay home and have a romantic dinner with the one you love this Valentine’s Day, you might want to kick things up a notch with a fabulous trip to Europe.  After all, there is nowhere in the world that screams romance like this part of the world!

Check Out These Romantic Destinations in Europe this Valentine’s Day


Eiffel Tower Paris, France Romantic Destinations in Europe
Eiffel Tower

Paris is known for being the city for lovers, so why not add it to your list of potential Valentine’s Day choices!  You can walk along Lover’s Bridge, dine at one of the restaurants at the Eiffel Tower, and gaze into each other’s eyes at the Jardin du Luxembourg.


The Rio Marin Canal with Gondolas
The Rio Marin Canal with Gondolas

The canals throughout Venice will make the perfect backdrop for a romantic vacation.  While you can wander alongside the canals as you explore the Dorsoduro District, you will prefer to do so from the inside of a gondola.  It is best to spend a few days in Venice, so you can truly appreciate the architecture of each neighborhood. 


The Trevi Fountain

Rome might be full of history, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot find romance there as well.  Start with a picnic lunch at the Villa Borghese gardens, before climbing the Spanish Steps and tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain.  Add in a little gelato and you will have memories to last a lifetime. 


Limmat River
Limmat River

While in Switzerland on Valentine’s Day, you may be so intrigued by the views of Lake Zurich that you almost forget that you are visiting for the romance!  Spend a little time exploring the infamous castles, wandering through the art galleries, and dining on some delectable cuisine, as the sun sets at the end of the day. 


Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

There are so many iconic sights to see in London, but to get a good panoramic view, with a dash of romance, we recommend taking a ride on the London Eye.  Once you have finished with that, you can wander along the streets, watch the Changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace, and see if you can spot a royal family member or two before you leave. 


Santorini Island
Santorini Island

The island of Santorini will have you wishing you never needed to return home, as it will seem like the best place to let your love grow and blossom in the future.  All the white from the houses will sparkle under the sun and as you walk along the sandy beaches, you will wonder how something so perfect could be ignored by so many.

These are the most romantic destinations in Europe for Valentine’s Day, and you will want to choose one of them to really make this year truly special. 


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