Looking for Valentine’s Day Getaway in the USA? These are Your Best Options

Sometimes, you just need to travel a few hours from home to rekindle the romance with the person you love.  A couple days away from the kids, while you take long walks and eat a meal without interruptions.  And if it just the two of you all the time, you can still take advantage of the incredible romance that will seem to be everywhere in these areas around Valentine’s Day. 

The Best Options for a Valentine’s Day Getaway in the USA

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge Mountain
Blue Ridge Mountain

While many people head over to Savannah for this romantic holiday, the mountainous town of Blue Ridge has so much more to offer.  There are multiple bed and breakfasts for those cozy late mornings and a feeling of being home away from home.  Add in the charming Main Street, and multiple shows available in the theater, and you will have no shortage of adventures waiting for you. 

Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine Valentine’s Day Ideas in the USA
Bar Harbor, Maine

Yes, it can be cold up in Maine around Valentine’s Day, but it is the perfect time to wander through Acadia National Park.  Afterwards, you can relax with a couples’ treatment at a spa before visiting the nearby winery for a wine tasting.  There will be no crowds like there would be in the summer months, and the fewer people will only add to the ambiance of your stay. 

Berlin, Maryland

Berlin, Maryland
Berlin, Maryland

The excitement of Berlin can actually be found in the nearby Assateague, which is where the wild ponies roam free every day of the year.  After you have spent hours watching the horses, you can do a little shopping over on Main Street.  This is also an excellent time to grab a pastry and cup of coffee at the bakery or a meal at one of the cafés. 

Amelia Island, Florida

Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island is not as busy, or touristy, as other parts of Florida, which is why it is perfect for this holiday.  There are thirteen miles of beaches to stroll along or you can simply lay down on a towel and watch the waves roll in.  In between beach adventures, you should take a carriage ride to see more of the sights. 

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Despite the odd name, Truth and Consequences is quite the destination.  This town used to be known as Hot Springs, due to the large number of them in the area.  Since this is an artsy part of the world, you will find plenty of galleries to wander through in the downtown area. 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day getaways in the USA, these are your best options.  Each one offers something unique and you will rediscover the romance with your significant other shortly after arriving.  Take the time to visit one of these areas this Valentine’s Day and see how traveling for this holiday can turn it into a time that means so much more than saying, “I love you”


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