Lovely Things You Should Do to Make Your Stay In Tokyo Awesome

Tokyo is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire globe, offering a ton of tourist attractions, including historical buildings, unusual museums, stylish skyscrapers, and cultural experiences.

Choosing what to do in Tokyo with a short amount of time if you are a first-time visitor may be challenging. In order to make the most of your vacation and experience Japan to the fullest, it is crucial that you carefully plan your trip in advance and decide where to go and what to do.

Here are some fantastic activities you can do in Tokyo.

Take the best photos at Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing Things to do in Tokyo Japan
Shibuya Crossing

After being covered by several media outlets, Shibuya Scramble Crossing has become both Tokyo’s most recognizable landmark and a favorite photo location. If you visit, you’ll notice a lot of visitors waiting at the corner of the crossing with cameras in hand for the ideal shot. More than half a million people cross the busiest intersection in the world every day, and when the traffic lights turn green, it’s astonishing to see everyone crossing at once!

When there are significant occasions, young people frequently gather at the crossing and in the neighborhood to celebrate informally in the streets. Shibuya Halloween is the most famous one; at this time, tens of thousands of partygoers dress up in original Halloween costumes and spend the entire night roaming the Shibuya street.

Pass by the Rainbow Bridge

the Rainbow Bridge Things to do in Tokyo Japan
the Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo and Odaiba, an amusement island in Tokyo Bay, are joined by the enormous Rainbow Bridge, a suspension bridge. Amazing views of the Tokyo skyline may be had by crossing it on foot.

Eat the freshest sushi in town at Toyosu Fish Market

Traditional Fish Market Toyosu Things to do in Tokyo Japan
Traditional Fish Market Toyosu

The Toyosu Fish Market is one of the greatest places to find sushi in Tokyo, which is known for its excellent quality. The famed daily tuna auction is currently held in Toyosu following the relocation of the renowned Tsukiji Fish Market there in 2018. The ancient outer market’s food stalls and restaurants are still open in Tsukiji, where you may still go.

Viewing Cherry Blossoms in Spring

Cherry blossom sakura lined Meguro Canal in Tokyo, Japan Things to do in Tokyo Japan
Cherry blossom sakura lined Meguro Canal in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, which is known for its skyscrapers and advanced technology, offers a deeper natural environment than many first-time visitors anticipate. For stunning cherry blossom viewing, spring is the most well-liked season to travel in the nation. Numerous locations in Tokyo provide breathtaking views of the cherry blossoms, which bloom between mid-late March and early April. Sakura in full bloom can be seen in Inokashira Park, Yoyogi Park, and Shinjuku Gyoen, just to name a few of Tokyo’s well-known parks where you can see Sakura in full bloom.

In the spring, cherry blossoms’ vibrant pink color blends with the greenery of ancient Japanese gardens like Koishikawa Korakuen Garden and Rikugien Garden. Along the Meguro River and Sumida River, hundreds of cherry trees provide a vibrant backdrop. In the contemporary neighborhood of Roppongi, there is a complex of entertainment called Tokyo Midtown, where you can find a variety of restaurants as well as views of the cherry blossoms at night.

Explore historic Asakusa and its ancient temple, Sensoji

Asakusa road and Ancient Sensoji Temple Things to do in Tokyo Japan
Asakusa road and Ancient Sensoji Temple

Asakusa, One of Tokyo’s oldest neighborhoods, is home to the Buddhist temple Sensoji, where among the concrete you can still discover vintage wooden stores. It is among Tokyo’s most breathtaking sights. A peaceful shrine may be found by going through the gardens of the brilliant red temple, which can get packed. 

Visit Kabuki-za to see traditional dance performances

The lavish costumes, dramatic makeup, and breathtaking settings of the Japanese dance drama known as Kakuchi have mesmerized spectators for hundreds of years. The most recent reconstruction of Kabuki-za, which was first erected in 1889 and inaugurated in 1889, took place in 2013. It still exudes a sense of antiquity and is the main kabuki theater in the area.

Cosplay Go-Karting

Mario Kart | Photo by Ajay Murthy on Unsplash Things to do in Tokyo Japan
Mario Kart | Photo by Ajay Murthy on Unsplash

The coolest activity you can engage in while in Tokyo must be dressing up as your favorite character and riding a go-kart across the city. You do indeed operate a miniature go-kart on actual Tokyo streets alongside vehicles such as automobiles, buses, and trucks.

Driving through busy intersections and calm residential areas, past skyscrapers and little shrines, as onlookers stop to gaze, wave, and snap pictures of you, is a bizarre experience. The go-karts are simple to drive, but you’ll need an international driving license, so make sure you obtain one before leaving your country.

Tokyo DisneySea

Mickey Mouse and Friends in Tokyo Disney Land | Photo by Roméo A. on Unsplash Things to do in Tokyo Japan
Mickey Mouse and Friends in Tokyo Disney Land | Photo by Roméo A. on Unsplash

Spending a day of your Tokyo vacation at Disney may seem pointless, but DisneySea is distinct from all other Disney parks worldwide. Seven ports, including American Waterfront, Mediterranean Harbor, Arabian Coast, and the unusual Mysterious Island, replete with an erupting volcano, are included in the maritime theme park and are inspired by both actual locations and ocean stories.

Compared to the nearby Tokyo Disneyland, the park’s attractions are more geared at adults, and you can even catch a Broadway performance while sipping a cocktail in a lounge from the 1920s on a cruise ship. Tokyo Disneyland is the more traditional Disney park, complete with a fantasy castle and well-known attractions like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Spend one day in each location if you have the time.

TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum

TeamLab Borderless light museum | Photo by Cosmin Serban on Unsplash Things to do in Tokyo Japan
TeamLab Borderless light museum | Photo by Cosmin Serban on Unsplash

One of the top Tokyo attractions for Instagrammers is the digital art museum TeamLab Borderless. However, even if you don’t want to take the ideal picture, it’s still worth going to this interesting interactive museum. There isn’t a map since part of the excitement is discovering things on your own.

Instead, you meander through dim hallways and pick random doors to explore the immersive exhibits that cleverly combine light and projection. Because there is so much to see and do, you should set aside at least three hours. Also, because food isn’t permitted inside or for sale, eat before you go.


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