Most Amazing Things To Do In Australia – Part 1

Australia is one of the best countries that you can ever spend your vacation as it has several attractions and also offers spectacular views. Traveling to Australia is not all that matters. You need to also know what and what to do to enjoy your visit. This is why we have provided this article for you to make your visit remarkable.

Top things to do in Australia

Here is a list of some of the fun things to do when you visit this country.

Rent a private yacht at Whitsunday Islands

Whitehaven beach and Whitsundays, Queensland Things To Do In Australia
Whitehaven beach and Whitsundays, Queensland

Visiting the Whitsunday Islands is among the awesome and most amazing things to do in Australia. This group of islands offers some fantastic sailing with calm seas, up to 74 islands for guests to hop through, mostly perfect winds, and beautiful scenery. Hire a boat, stock it with friends and provisions and sail your way to the sunset. This is called ‘bareboating.’ Even if you do not have any sailing experience, there are some companies that can give you a safety briefing with a yacht and set you free. Just ensure that you respond to their radio schedule to let them know where you are heading and where you are at the moment.

Ride the luxury Ghan train across the country

the Ghan train ©Journeybeyondrail
the Ghan train ©Journeybeyondrail

Another thing that you can do to make your trip to Australia memorable is to ride the Ghan train. The unforgettable journey in this train takes in about 1,851 miles (2,979 km) of tropics, the Red Centre, scorched desert, Flinders Ranges Mountains, and Katherine Gorge. It takes up to three days for the Ghan to cross the continent, from Adelaide to Darwin or vice versa. The journey also includes exciting whistlestop tours in Alice Springs and Katherine. You can still decide to visit the Indian Pacific from there. It takes four days from Perth to Sydney or vice versa.

Visit the pinnacles

Emus at the Pinnacles Desert, WA
Emus at the Pinnacles Desert, WA

The Pinnacles Desert is situated on Western Australia’s Turquoise Coast, 155 miles (250 km) north of Perth. There are so many olden limestone pillars in this desert, and they resemble extraterrestrial tombstones. Excellent fishing, unique fauna, white beaches, and also wildflowers all fringe this park. Discover incredible wildlife interactions as you tour the Indian Ocean Drive.

Tour around Tasmania’s food market

Fresh Apples In the Basket At a Farmer's Market
Fresh Apples In the Basket At a Farmer’s Market

Head to the Farm Gate Market for a breakfast of bagels and fresh doughnuts, and then spend some days in Tasmania feasting. You can sample different local produce, with less than 1 hours drive between gourmet stores and towns. Stop at the famous Willie Smith Apple Shed for some sweet apples, head to the House of Anvers for some delicious Belgian-style chocolates, and branch at Wicked Cheese to get chili camembert or triple cream brie. Tasmania is known for its cool-climate wines. You also need to taste the pinot noir, which is the signature wine variety of Tasmania.

View the new year’s eve fireworks at Sydney Harbour

New Year Eve Fireworks Show at the Harbour Bridge
New Year Eve Fireworks Show at the Harbour Bridge

Australia is among the first locations in the world to do New Year’s Eve. There is always a spectacular show of fireworks at Sydney Harbour. Ensure that you don’t miss the 9 pm and midnight fireworks during New Year’s Eve. Don’t forget to come along with your camera because you will take stunning pictures.


Through this article, it would be easier for you to decide what to do when you visit Australia. There are several other amazing things to do in the continent, which will be discussed in part 2.


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