Restaurants to Go to For Fulfilling Your Cravings in Portland

Portland has the largest population amongst all the cities of the US in the state of Maine. It has a total population of 66,215 people. The city was named after the Isle of Portland and is home to a lot of history. Portland’s economy is largely based on the services and tourism industry. You know what this means, a number of fancy and good places to eat around. A with such a large population, I am sure that people out there would have some ways to treat themselves.

So here are five places in Portland where you would love to eat.  

1. Rose Foods

 Rose Foods Places to go in Portland
Rose Foods

Rose Foods is a bakery / café located in Oakdale on 428 Forest Avenue. Since breakfast is an essential meal of the day, we want it perfect for you. While only open for takeout nowadays, Coronavirus is real, this should be your first stop of the day. The deli operates for more than the standard breakfast hours. It is open from 7 am till 2 pm and serves specialties in fish, coffee, and bagels. You must be anticipating an extremely crowded and busy place but trust me when I say that they have extremely skilled and efficient management that allows them to operate on super speed.   

2. Tandem Coffee and Bakery  

Tandem Coffee and Bakery
Tandem Coffee and Bakery 

While at it, another excellent place to have your morning coffee is Tandem Coffee + Bakery. Situated on 742 Congress street, Parkside is one of the best if not the best coffee shops in Portland.  The café serves some amazing sugary treats that include pastries, biscuits, icing covered buns, and pie. With this much amount of sugar, put yourself together as it can make you dizzy. Unfortunately, this is place is currently operating on takeout only. 

3. Eventide Oyster Co. 

Eventide Oyster Co.
Eventide Oyster Co. 

Famous for its seafood, this Portland restaurant can really blow you away. It has a wide variety of lobster and oyster-based dishes that taste and sound amazing. To begin with, lobster rolls. These are widely popular and are served with brown butter and steamed buns. Then comes lobster stew! Involving a green curry, this dish tastes as different as it sounds. They also have fried oyster that is served alongside Korean BBQ sauce. To sum it all, the restaurant has 20 such dishes, each with its own unique taste. If you love seafood this is the place to go. 

4. Island Lobster Company

Island Lobster Company
Island Lobster Company

As the name suggests, this restaurant is located on Peaks Island. Peaks Island is a small Island that is three miles from the coast of the city. Although it is only reachable via a ferry once you get there you would know how it feels to enjoy a lobster roll on the rocky beaches of the island. The ferry trip only cost $8, so what are you waiting for?  

5. Pai Men Miyake 

Pai Men Miyake
Pai Men Miyake

After all, the roaming around you want to relax at a place and have your dinner at peace. Pai Men Miyake is the perfect place to be at. Based on the famous Miyake restaurant of Japan the place serves some amazing soups alongside their regularly changing menu. It is located in the Arts District and is a great way to end your day. 


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