The 5 Best Places to Visit in Texas, USA

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States, and it is full of life and activity. Are you planning on visiting Texas this summer? If yes, then you have made the right decision.

Texas is a state bobbling with lots of unique attractions, so much activity that you cannot get bored visiting this state. It is also has a lot of mountains, coastal beaches, and deserts, which makes it a vacation-friendly location.

Texas also has diversity in environmental feeling, with metropolitan centers like Houston and Austin, which are in sharp contrast to the western side of Texas, places like Amarillo. Well, as a result of all these attractions surrounding Texas, one might find it challenging to decide just which places to visit and focus all his attention.

Well, this article will discuss some fun and exciting places to visit while in Texas.

Places to Visit While in Texas

Visit The Alamo, San Antonio

The Alamo is one of the most important historic sites in Texas. It was part of a mission state founded in 1718. This state later became famous during the Texas revolution. A visit to Alamo will give you the opportunity to see the city in its resorted glory.

And if you love history and historical artifacts, then visit their museum, which features weapons and artifacts dating back to historical events in their history.

And if after all that knowledge you hunger for more, then you can spend the whole day at the San Antonio Mission National and Historical Park. There you will be exposed to a variety of historical landmarks.

Space Center, Houstons

Are you a fan of space travel and activities beyond our earth? If yes, then Texas gat you covered. With the Space center, Houston, just 30 minutes drive away from the heart of Houston, you can get all your heart’s desires and even more.

In the Space Center, you will learn about space exploration. You also stand a chance to know and discover NASA’s upcoming missions with even the latest upgrades to their craft. And if you are lucky, you may even get to meet some famous astronauts.

Well, if this doesn’t bring satisfaction to a space travel fanatic, then nothing else will.

Visit San Antonio

the Riverwalk at San Antonio
the Riverwalk at San Antonio

San Antonio is a magnificent city known for its famous river. This river stretches several miles through to the heart of the city. This famous river has become a tourist regular tourist attraction. As a result, it has been flooded with lots and lots of excellent restaurants, which are beautifully aligned throughout the edge of the river.

You can take a casual stroll down this beautiful river, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the fantastic scenery. And if you get tired and hungry, you can take a break while munching down on any of the Texan cuisines of your choice.

Santa Elena Canyon

Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park
Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park

This beautiful city is home to another big tourist attraction, the Big Ben National Park. This Park is located in the Chihuahua Desert of western Texas. But the Park itself is located after a huge bend in the Rio Grande River.

This National Park is so beautiful, with amazing scenery, like mountains, the canyon, and a river that flows through the boundary between Mexico and the United States. There are various exciting things to do in this Park.

You can go hiking on the trails just on the mountain top, and you can decide to set up a camp, among other things. And if you want something more adventurous, you can decide to go boat riding along the Santa Elena River. Then with over 400 species of birds, you can finish your gazing at the verity of birds flying through this great Park.

Texas Capitol, Austin

Texas State Capitol building, Austin
Texas State Capitol building, Austin

This amazing state capital was built in 1888 and has been regarded as the finest state legislative in the US. One of the greatest tourist attractions is the Austin Capitol building, which is a Historical landmark.

This building stands tall, being over 308 feet, and has been standing proud since the founding of this state. Finish your day on top of the Ann w. Richards Avenue Bridge, gazing at the millions of tailed free bats coming and going from their perches on the bridge.


Texas is a very beautiful state in the US, with many attractions and historic sites. Visiting this amazing state will be worth your time this summer.


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