The Ireland Travel Guide: What You Should Know

History fanatics and adventure seekers surely have Ireland as one of the countries they have to visit once in their lifetime. Though the country is actually perfect for tourists from all walks of life, Ireland can be considered as Europe’s one of the best. The capital is already full of tourist destinations and the remaining regions are getting more attention.

Getting There

Cathedral and colored houses in Cobh, Ireland Ireland Travel Guide
Cathedral and colored houses in Cobh, Ireland

With the United Kingdom on the East and the Atlantic Ocean to its West, it is one of the countries to be at the border of Europe. Ireland’s Dublin Airport is its main gateway to the international world, as most of the flights going to the country land on this airport. If visitors wish to visit by land, there are two options to reach Dublin from North Ireland (part of the United Kingdom). The fastest route will be by car in less than 2 hours while a bus ride may take up to 3 hours if traveling from Belfast, North Ireland going to Dublin. Most bus rides are operated by Translink or Aircoach (operating 24 hours) from the Europa Bus Centre. Check these bus companies to know the exact timings and get more information about the commute.

Essential Information

City Center Of Cork, Ireland
City Center Of Cork, Ireland

First of all, it is important to know that the country’s currency is Euro and not the British Pound (used in Northern Ireland). Many establishments accept debit or credit cards, and ATMs are accessible in the city. The tipping culture in Ireland isn’t preferred, but those who wish can give one on taxis, restaurants, and establishments that provide personal services.

Since most travelers carry electronic equipment during their travel, Ireland’s electric sockets mainly use the plug type G. It is the one with three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern, which is operating in 230V and 50Hz. When visiting historical sites and tourist attractions, it is recommended to plan ahead and/or have an advanced reservation, especially during the peak season. The country has a network of public transportation through buses, coaches, trains, and even ferries. Those who wish to rent a car should expect that the country drives to the left. Roads can be narrow and windy, in comparison to what Western countries have.

Overall, Ireland is a safe city to travel alone, for couples, and even for families. English is widely spoken, but visitors can observe that some road signs, place names, and notices can be written in Irish Gaelic. Time Zone is the same as the United Kingdom and uses the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) during the winter.


Stauntons on the Green Hotel
Stauntons on the Green Hotel

There are many hotels in the capital city of Dublin – from the popular hotel brands or those family-run ones. Honestly, this option can be a bit pricey, but those on a budget can try the hostels, guest houses, and ‘bed and breakfast’ accommodations. Just like in some countries, the peak season which is every summer can get these properties fully booked or have a significant increase in price.

 Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

Food is not a problem, as the capital city has plenty of restaurants offering local and international dishes. The traditional and infamous Fish and Chips in Ireland are served by restaurants and diners are a must-try. Some hotels offer the common household breakfast items such as a set of cold cuts, while family-run ones provide home-cooked meals. For beer lovers, it feels like the country will never run out of this alcoholic beverage. Pubs and bars are in almost every corner of the capital and in major cities, giving the ‘life’ to the nightlife.

Things to do

Dublin alone is already full of tourist attractions that are mostly historical. Walkthrough the beauty of Victorian Architecture of the Trinity College and the Christ Church Cathedral, the medieval-looking Dublin Castle, and much more. But don’t forget to visit the Guinness storehouse in the same city, as they open their doors to visitors who wish to know more about the famous beer brand. West Ireland is a great place to do some hiking or visit the City of Tribes – Galway City. On the other side, East Ireland offers vast lands of greenery or takes a dip in one of their beaches like the Silver Strand Beach.

Ireland is included in Europe’s safest travel destinations, making it a tourist-friendly country. It is full of exciting activities in the capital, or take a moment to feel the nature in the other regions. Just make sure you are ready to have a drink some beer to complete your Irish travel experience!


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