The Most Incredible Instagrammable Places in New York City (NYC)

All over the world, people have developed the urge to take pictures day after day. Instagram, which is one of the best social media platforms, has been flooded with numerous pictures. To have a perfect picture, you need an impressive background, which will enhance your pictures, therefore giving you what you desire.

New York City is known to be a very beautiful city with awesome views. It is a city with one of the most incredible Instagramable places all over the world.

Let’s check out these awesome places with photography tips, including their locations:

Instagramable Places In New York City (NYC)

Central Park

Bow Bridge,  Central Park | Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash Instagrammable Places in New York City
Bow Bridge, Central Park | Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

Central Park is an amazing place to take photos. Photographers have found this place to be a very nice spot to take photos. These are the following locations in the Central Park:

  • Bathshebafountain
  • Wollman’s Rink
  • On the Rock
  • Bow Bridge
  • Belvedere castle
  • Row Boats

Photography Tips:

The best time to get an alone picture on the bow bridge is early in the morning, as early as 8 a.m. during the week, in early spring. Most photographers are always at the central park, so if you want to claim your spot, you need to wake up early.

Location: Central Park at 59th Street, behind the Wollman skating rink.

Rockefeller Center

Outside viewing desks, Rockefeller Center | Photo by Tom Moser on Unsplash
Outside viewing desks, Rockefeller Center | Photo by Tom Moser on Unsplash

Rockefeller center is a very beautiful place, with amazing views. It is the best place in New York City that you can take breathtaking and beautiful pictures. The best spot to get the most photogenic picture is “TOP OF THE ROOF.” Although it is costly, I assure you, it is worth the price.

In the situation where you are on a budget, I advise you to take only a picture because Top of the roof costs $45 per person. So it is better to take pictures once, in the place.

Photography Tips:

There are different spots you can get at the top of the roof, which you will not want to miss. These spots are-:

  • Three indoor
  • Outside viewing desks
  • 7th-floor open-air roof deck.

Location: Midtown

Brooklyn Bridge

 Brooklyn Bridge | Photo by Redd on Unsplash
Brooklyn Bridge | Photo by Redd on Unsplash

This is an incredible place to take pictures. It is one of the recognized places by photographers in the world. Photographers have found countless angles and an amazing location in Brooklyn Bridge for an all-out photo shoot. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is an exciting experience on its own.

Photography Tips:

Those that do not get threatened by sunrise can enjoy the stunning sunset. The sun rises behind Brooklyn and sets behind Manhattan. Be cautious while on the bike lane because commuters do yell at people at the bike lane, so make sure to STAY OUT OF THE BIKE LANE.

Location: From Dumbo, Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan.

Grand Central Station

 Grand Central Station | Photo by Stephen H on Unsplash
Grand Central Station | Photo by Stephen H on Unsplash

In North American, this is the third busiest train station. It is one of the most beautiful places to take a photo.

Photography Tip:

The closing hour of Grand Central station is from 2 a.m.- 5: 30a.m, so what you can do, is to go to this place before the opening time and after the closing time. You can get beautiful and fun pictures from the outside, at the taxi rank, or from one of the iconic restaurants in New York.

Location: It is located at Midtown, Taxi rank, on the East 42nd St. Between Vanderbilt and Lexington Ave.

The Vessel

 The Vessel | Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
The Vessel | Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

This is one of the newest locations to make Instagrammable places in the NYC list. March 15, 2019, was the time the structure was opened. With the help of an elaborate staircase, you can get different views of this place.

The Vessel is an ideal place for architecture and modern-day designers. It has a very impressive inside and outside view. It is a beautiful place that is worth visiting.

Photography Tips:

A ticket is needed for the entrée of this place. It is remarkable to know that the tickets are currently free, all you need to do is to book these tickets in advance.

Location: Hudson Yards, Midtown, Manhattan.


You can enjoy taking your pictures at these incredible places in New York City. All these places in NYC have amazing views and outstanding backgrounds, just what you need to make your pictures stunning. I hope you found this article helpful in finding the most incredible Instagrammable places in NYC.


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