The Top 3 Most Iconic, Historic Hotels in London, UK

The combination of the remarkable history visible on the facades of the iconic buildings of London that are dating for years, some even centuries, with the modern, elegantly refurbished, stylish, up-to-date interiors are signature looks to many London hotels.

It is a British tradition to intertwine the historical heritage with modern advancement. These are the cases with the following top 3 most iconic, historic hotels in London which forever changed, reshaped, and left a significant mark on London’s hotels’ history:

The Goring

The Goring historic hotels in London
The Goring

Fitting for a queen, the Goring looks like the ultimate, stylish, intimate hotel; but don’t let its innocent look fool you. It is still London’s last family-owned luxury hotel which unique Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen. The hotel has a remarkable history, from being opened as the first hotel offering suite facilities with central heating in every room on the 2nd March 1910, to becoming command center for Chief of Allied Forces during 1st World War, hosting historical figures like Lady Randolph Churchill, novelist Anthony Powell, Norwegian Crown Prince, visited by the King and Queen for breakfast.

After WWII, peace was declared; for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, it even became an annex to Buckingham palace because it hosted various foreign royalties! The history is even more prosperous, and the only thing more significant than it is the private, hotels remarkable gardens it offers, luxurious Victorian interior and marvelous, royal service!

Most popular amenities: Non-smoking rooms Fitness centerFacilities for disabled guests Room service RestaurantWiFi in all areas Bar

The Savoy Hotel 

The Savoy Hotel 
The Savoy Hotel 

Opened a bit later than our previously mentioned hotels, in 1889, The Savoy still manages to have a rich, remarkable history. It is considered Britain’s first ‘luxury‘ hotel that first introduced some of the industries innovations like electric lifts and lights throughout the building, extravagant, private bathrooms in lavishly glamorous rooms, constant hot and cold running water, and so on, things that today we take for granted and expect from every hotel, but once they were new, innovative advances only available in few hotels around the world!

Blending Edwardian Architecture with Art Deco style, the Savoy Hotel has offered its customers a luxurious, lovely experience for over 132 years. Here, you will also find the famous Savoy Grill restaurant owned by UK’s arguably most famous chef – Gordon Ramsay

Most popular amenities: 1 swimming pool Non-smoking roomswonderful Fitness Center SpaFacilities for disabled guests Room service Pet friendly Bar

The Courthouse Hotel

Deluxe King Room - Courthouse Hotel London
Deluxe King Room - Courthouse Hotel London

You will never guess by the looks of the interior of this trendy, stylish, and quirky London hotel that it used to be the second-oldest magistrates’ court in the UK back in the 1800s. The Courthouse Hotel, a 5-star fun hotel, is located in the old Grade II Marlborough Street Magistrates Court building, an actual former courthouse.

Today, this jailhouse-themed hotel offers over 108 rooms and 9 suites, 2 restaurants, and 2 bars and is quite popular. In these very halls, legends like Christine Keeler, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, and Oscar Wilde had defended their cases, and the building’s naughty past can easily lure you into exploring deeper the history behind it. Nothing more refreshing than grabbing a drink or two at a private bar table inside the former prison cells!

Most popular amenities: 1 swimming pool Non-smoking rooms Fitness center SpaFacilities for disabled guests Room service Restaurant Bar Breakfast

These hotels continue to thrive and compete with today’s modern hotels with their unique history, creating bridges between innovations and history.


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