Things To Do in The Bahamas to Make Your Trip Memorable

Planning on going to the Bahamas for a trip? Let us help you by adding more fun to your trip. Millions of tourists visit the Bahamas every year, and you are going to be one of them.

The Bahamas is one of the best archipelagoes on the continent, home to around 700 islands. So if you love adventures, this is going to be the best trip of your life.

Things To Do

Things To Do in Bahamas

Let’s start by listing the activities you can do to make your trip filled with fun. Here are some to begin with:

Diving and Snorkeling

Snorkeling with your lovely family Things To Do in Bahamas
Snorkeling with your lovely family

The islands’ natural beauty is definitely going to mesmerize you but waits till you go beneath the surface. The coral reefs, sinkholes, underwater caves are also a site to visit and swim around. Not just this, swimming around beautiful marine animals will want you to stay underwater.

Tour Of Exuma

Swimming with little pigs at Exuma Things To Do in Bahamas
Swimming with little pigs at Exuma

Exuma is a district in The Bahamas. Filled with historical sites and landmarks, Exuma is also home to around 360 cays. Some of the scenic locations include Tropic Of Cancer Beach and Williams Town.

Visit To The Forts Of Nassau

Fort Montagu  Things To Do in Bahamas
Fort Montagu

Located in the providence of Nassau, the historical forts are evidence of the struggle The Bahamas went through in the 17th century. First, the pirates, then the British, both had their headquarters in the forts of Nassau. The forts still stand firm and are now used for guided tours to represent the history of The Bahamas.

Versailles Garden

Versailles Gardens and French Cloister
Versailles Gardens and French Cloister

Located in Paradise island, the Versailles Garden’s historic structure will leave you in awe. The garden oversees the Nassau Harbor and will give you a unique view of the archipelago. There are also several monuments of great men like Hercules and Napoleon.

The garden is filled with lush green grass and colorful flowers. This is one of the best spots that tourists visit for their photoshoots.

Chill at Pirate Republic Brewery

Pirate Republic Brewery
Pirate Republic Brewery

After a tiring day, you must be craving some cold beers. The Pirate Republic Brewery is the spot to chill and relax. The one of its kind breweries is the most reputed in the region. They don’t sell beers but also spread the knowledge of pirates’ history in the area.


Kayaking at Cable Beach
Kayaking at Cable Beach

Kayaking at Cable Beach is one of the best activities tourists like to do. The clear, blue water of the beach makes it one of the highly-rated beaches in The Bahamas. The calm water lets you kayak peacefully under the blue sky.

Relax at Garden of the Groves

The Garden of the Groves
The Garden of the Groves

If you are looking for a place to relax by yourself and get lost in nature. Make sure to stop by the Garden of the Groves. The waterfalls, the lush green forest will give you moments of peace and serenity. However, there is a café and bar situated in the woods to serve you delicious meals.

It is the best hideaway to get some time for yourself or enjoy with company.


Lucayan Archipelago
Lucayan Archipelago

This is one of the most expected activities visiting an archipelago. The powerboats make your adventure fun-filled and allow you to visit multiple islands in a single day. The boating experience takes you around different sites situated in the water and also for snorkeling or diving.

However, different boat tours are available that include lunch and drinks to keep your energy up.

Shark sighting

The Compass Cay
The Compass Cay

This is undoubtedly going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Compass Cay is where all the bottom feeder nurse sharks gather near the jetty. You can find 7-15-foot-long sharks there. Make sure to get a selfie, as this would be your only chance with a shark.

Dive in Dean’s Blue Hole

Long Island, Bahamas Dean's Blue Hole Diving Hole
Long Island, Bahamas Dean’s Blue Hole Diving Hole

Known as the world’s second deepest sinkhole, Dean’s blue hole is located in the Long Island. The 663 feet depth will surely scare you, but professional divers are available to help you out. If you are lucky, you can also be the audience for freediving competitions held there.

Final Words

Here are some fun things to make your trip to the Bahamas adventurous. Make sure to add all these to your trip plan. We hope you have a fantastic, fun trip ahead!


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