Top 5 Beautiful Places to Bike In Alaska

There are different means to travel. A people might decide to travel through the common ways either by car, bus, plane, or train. But, have you tried traveling by bike? Traveling by bike is an excellent means. It helps to clear your disturbing thoughts and soothes your mind and body.

Alaska has beautiful places you can decide to explore your bike transportation. These places are breathtaking, with incredible scenic views that will make you keep coming back. Alaska has a lot of bike-friendly trails that are worth visiting. We are going to look into these places and discuss them in this article.

Top 5 Beautiful Places to Bike in Alaska


© Tsalteshi Trails Facebook Places to Bike In Alaska
© Tsalteshi Trails Facebook

The trail in Tsalteshi is vast and suits well for those that want to bike in a group. Tsalteshi is located south of Soldotna. This place is under construction to have a new biking route at Tsalteshi.

The trails at this place are surrounded by thick forest, having wind climbs and downhills. It is a beautiful place to visit when it comes to biking. If you are a cyclist, then you will love this place.


Skagway is a must-visit place. It has lovely scenic views and can be enjoyed to the fullest when you use a bike to travel to this place. It will be best to take an informative guide bike because it will tell you about the history and ecology of the place. This way, you can explore Skagway as much as you want.


Fairbanks Highway
Fairbanks Highway

Fairbanks is one of the best places you can visit in Alaska for bicycles. There are different types of bike riding in Fairbanks, like Mountain biking, bike race, and rides on snowmachine trails. Unfortunately, the roads that Fairbanks are not smooth, some places are filled with hills and rough surfaces, but that does not stop you from having an extraordinary moment in your bike race.

Fairbanks was the first to adopt fat-tire bikes during the ride on snowmachine trails. When you go on an excursion to Fairbanks, why not try traveling by bike and see how fun it is to travel through that means.


Highway to Seward
Highway to Seward

Seward is a very fun fill and elegant place to visit in Alaska. It has many things to offer like hiking, kayaking, fishing, stunning glaciers, and best of all, summer dog-asked rides. Resurrection Bay is the most visitors because of its beauty.

Alaska Highway

Denali Highway
Denali Highway

This Alaska Highway is a vast place with a very wide open road, which takes about 1,500miles when you come from Dawson Creek in British Columbia and head to the junction of Delta. It took eight months for the deep forest and rock to be carved.

A lot of people go to this place to challenge themselves. They do all they can to Cycle the whole length of the Alaska Highway. 25days passes before you can reach the end of the road during your cycling tour. Therefore, this is a way you can as well challenge yourself. You don’t need to worry about where to stay because there are Motels and Campgrounds to spend the night. So what is holding back from getting an exciting experience at this place?


Traveling by bike can be much more fun. You have to prepare ahead of time and get an informative bike to help you with the history of the places and the ecology. I hope you have a fun-filled bike tour.


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