Top 5 Kayaking Trips In The USA

Embarking on a trip is an awesome thing to do. In today’s era, people love to travel for different reasons. Traveling helps to increase a person’s knowledge and experiences. Not having the idea of where to travel to can be a big challenge for most people. You will be delighted to know that the US has the best kayaking trips in the world.

The US has beautiful places that are best seen from the water. Spending a day out on the water is an extra special thing to do, letting the water pull you where It wants. You will not have to worry if you are paddling around a calm coastal bay because of the cool water that is below you, with the warm sun to warm your body and the ever-changing landscape. The feeling and experience are so amazing and worthwhile.

To help us know the top kayaking trips in the USA, there is a list that has been created, which offers little something for everyone. It is essential that you secure the proper permits and practice good stewardship for you to enjoy these amazing offers.

Top kayaking trips in the USA

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska Kayaking Trips In The USA
Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

This is the best of all; Alaska is hard to top. It is filled with pure and natural beauty, which is enhanced by the water. There are lovely spots of glaciers, sea lions, muffins, and Humpback whales. It is only at Glacier National Park that you will find white water off the shores.

It is important to register for a free permit for those intending to book an overnight trip during the summer. You are going to enjoy your trip to this place.

Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine

Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine
Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine

Northern Maine is ideal for people that set their minds on an East coast trip you must put in at Churchill Dam and float till you reach Allagash Village if you want a full, multiday trip. It has a section of class II rapids, a short mandatory portage, and lakes.

It is advisable to register beforehand and prepare for payment of the camping fee. Going on a trip to Allagash is worth the effort.

San Juan Islands, Washington

Southern Resident Killer Whale, near Henry Island in Washington State
Southern Resident Killer Whale, near Henry Island in Washington State

This place has an incredible sea, very beautiful, which is known for regular sightings of sea dolphins, lions, seals, and otters. It is an ideal place to have a sea life experience. The strings of islands are home to orca whale pods. It is located close to the U.S. Canada border.

You have a lot of time to explore these beautiful islands when you pass through the waters around orcas islands. You will be glad to know that you are safe because the waters are protected. You are privileged to book anything, starting from a half-day to a multiday kayaking trip around the islands. Don’t fail to spot the orca pod resident off San Juan island. Experience amazing things at these islands with amazing offers.

Colorado River, Arizona

Colorado River, Arizona
Colorado River, Arizona

This is a lovely place in the US. Embarking on a trip to this place is remarkable. You could technically float the entire way, but you need to be very skilled in padding and a surefire plan. To have a wonderful time in Colorado, all you need to do is to head to Arizona and run the 15 miles section of the Glen Canyon River to Lees Ferry. While doing this, make sure you set your eyes on the full effects of the red-rock canyon walls and the bluebird skies.

There’s no permit needed to float to the lees ferry, but for those that want to keep going, it is important to attain one.

Klamath River, California

Klamath River, California
Klamath River, California

This is a calm and attractive river. It is ideal for beginners and a very friendly driver. The family has had wonderful experiences at this river. There are natural swimming holes, cliff jumping Spots, and waterfalls that you can feed your eyes with. Bald Eagles do roam at the skies, which you will not want to fail to get a glimpse at these beautiful sights.

It is necessary to have a fire permit at this place, but a whitewater rafting permit is not needed.


Your kayaking trip is achievable in the US, at these amazing places, with pure, natural beauty. The permits above are necessary when embarking on a trip to the USA. We assure you that you will have Pleasant experiences and will have a longing to visit again.


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