Top Things to Do in Mount Rainier: Level Up your Holiday

The active volcano is around 14,410 tall, giving the park a fantastic sight and becoming a tourist attraction. Either you are here to hike to explore the wilderness meadows of Paradise or for a mellow drive in the Sunrise. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Even during the snowy winters when certain park parts are blocked, there are still many exciting activities for you to enjoy.

Here is a brief list of some of the top things you can do while visiting Rainier National Park.

Paradise and Sunrise

Scenic View of the Nisqually River Bed Things to Do in Mount Rainier National Park
Scenic View of the Nisqually River Bed

Paradise is one of the most splendid places of Mount Rainier National Park. You can choose which hiking trails you are looking to explore. Some of the short trails have lovely scenery and sightseeing of mountains; include Alta Vista and Nisqually Vista. Likewise, Sunrise is full of green meadows and viewpoints for you to drive to and have a picnic.

Strolls in the Old Growth Forests

Suspension Bridge to the Grove of the Patriarchs
Suspension Bridge to the Grove of the Patriarchs

Harboring trees dating back to 1000 years, the place is the home to lush green meadows and forests. Mount Rainier National Park is home to over 1,000-year-old trees. Imagine how utterly magnificent that is! Trail of the Cedars is on the Longmire side, while Grove of the Patriarchs is on the Ohanapecosh side.

Wonderland and Skyline Trails

the misty Wonderland Trail
the misty Wonderland Trail

The Wonderland Trail spreads along 93 miles that surround Mount Rainier in a circumnavigating manner. It is estimated that it can generally take around 9 to 13 days to have a round trip of the while loop. This is one of Mount Rainier National Park’s most incredible treks, located in Paradise. The views from Panorama Point are breathtaking; despite the 6-mile trek, the place is worth the struggle.

Exploring the Water Falls

 Myrtle Falls
Myrtle Falls

Mount Rainier is home to many beautiful waterfalls. These waterfalls are must-watch sights you should never miss when visiting Mount Rainier. Here is a brief list of top waterfalls in the park:

  • Narada Waterfalls:
    • The short steep walk to this waterfall’s viewpoint has a humongous parking lot for picnics and camping
  • Christine Falls:
    • This roadside waterfall gives major scenic views as it flows underneath the stone arch of the bridge.
  • Madcap and Carter Waterfalls:
    • The one-mile hiking trek to these waterfalls lies just a street away from Cougar Rock camping grounds.
  • Myrtle Falls:
    • This is a half-mile stroll from the Paradise visitor center on a clear trek.
  • Spray Falls:
    • It is a two-mile trek on the Spray Park Path from Mowich Lake that leads to a side trail to Spray Falls. After seeing the falls, return to the main path and hike up to Spray Park’s beautiful subalpine meadows.
  • Comet Falls:
    • This is a 4-mile roundtrip walk that begins on the road between Longmire and Paradise. Parking in this part is quite limited and usually not available.

Camping and Picnics

Tent on the Nisqually River
Tent on the Nisqually River

Camping through the wilderness and having a picnic is definitely the best thing you can do in Mount Rainier National Park. This national park tries to compensate for a shortage of parking near tourist centers with spectacular picnic spots.

Moreover, the food in the hotels and visitor centers is fair and expensive. So do yourself a favor and fill yourself up on some beautiful artisan food in Seattle and bring it into the park with you. Almost every visitor center has a picnic area. You can find yourself at a nice table and enjoy yourself for as long as you want. There are some lovely picnic spots around Kautz Creek, Box Canyon, White Rock, and Mowich Lake.

Wild Flowers

Mount Rainier with Flowers
Mount Rainier with Flowers

Wildflowers are a natural miracle in this region. If you have a thing for nature and wilderness exploring these speculations of Mount Rainier. The flowers in the subalpine valleys surrounding Paradise and Sunrise are breathtaking. However, these flowers bloom only for a brief time in the mid to the late summer.

Snowboarding and Skiing

Hiking to Camp Muir
Hiking to Camp Muir

During the winter season, snowboarding, ice skating, and skiing are the most enjoyable things you can do in this region. Pack yourself up with all the necessary kits and prepare for the harsh winter hazards and violence. You are good to go. Enjoy the adventures of snow in this serene park.

Last but not least, you can always try summiting Mount Rainier. Most people need 2 to 3 days to climb Mount Rainier. Before attempting this climb, you will need a climbing permit and experience mountaineering and trekking snow-capped mountains.


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