3 Hotels you cannot miss if you go to Greenwich, Connecticut

Delamar Greenwich Harbor

Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotels in Greenwich Connecticut
Delamar Greenwich Harbor

To start off on the right foot, we must talk about Delamar Greenwich Harbor.  It is an excellent experience of luxury and comfort. It is mostly designed for long stays, during which you can take full advantage of vacation or recreational time, but it is open to any other short plan visitors may have. 

Connecticut has a lot to offer. Learn more about Delamar Greenwich Harbor:

  • Cozy and elegant

This is a very cozy and very elegant hotel. Boutique style, with lots of European references in their furnishings and lighting, within its spacious and sophisticated rooms. The Delamar Greenwich Harbor tops the list of the best hotels in Connecticut.

  • Water rides.

Its name honors Greenwich Harbor, and of course, its water views give it a special touch. Not only the views from the hotel, but you can also take long rides on sailboats or yachts. Can you imagine watching the sunset, having a leisurely dinner, and then riding on a sailboat during a starry night?   

  • Spa, restaurant, and fitness center.

Going for a massage, eating a delicious lunch, or exercising for a couple of hours are just some of the activities you can do at Delamar Greenwich Harbor. Your stay can be unforgettable if you dedicate time for personal care in addition to almost complete relaxation.

Most popular amenities: Spa Pet friendly Free parking Bar

The J House Greenwich

The J House Greenwich Hotels in Greenwich Connecticut
The J House Greenwich

With a quite modern and romantic style, we find in the second place The J House Greenwich. Remember that traveling gives you the time and space you need to introspect about yourself.  Here you can reflect on your life while enjoying yourself away from home.

  • Bar

On a casual day, you can have free breakfast and go out to see the museums and churches of Greenwich. When you return, you can enjoy a night of dancing at the bar.  

  • The best service.

During the time you decide to stay, you will receive the best attention from The J House Greenwich staff. This hotel gets top marks for service, so you can see for yourself. 

Most popular amenities: 1 swimming pool Spa Pet friendly Free parking Bar

Homestead Inn - Thomas Henkelmann

Homestead Inn - Thomas Henkelmann Hotels in Greenwich Connecticut
Homestead Inn - Thomas Henkelmann

Number three is quite a quaint hotel, with large gardens, hardwood floors, and an amazing bar. Traditional in style, but with as much comfort as you’d expect. Relaxation is guaranteed, so you can plan your stay with confidence.

  • Traditional and cool.

You can choose from up to five restaurant options with the best locations. Getting there by walking is easier than you think. You can enjoy delicious dishes in a traditional but mostly cool atmosphere.

There are galleries nearby. A good plan is to visit the galleries, which are less than thirty minutes away. Then you can relax either on your own or in the company of your loved ones, on the terraces, or in the gardens of the Homestead Inn - Thomas Henkelmann. 

Most popular amenities: Free WifiParking Restaurant Bar Breakfast


If you happen to be a conference speaker, there is no better place to plan your vacation, as the conference room is active every day for even the most ambitious projects. You can use the room, with a reservation made in advance.


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