5 Amazing Things You Must Do in Alaska

Alaska is a country blooming with fantastic wildlife and beautiful scenery. It is home to hundreds of unique animal spices not found anywhere else in the world. Aside from that, it is filled with hiking trails and picture-worthy spots. And if that wasn’t enough, it is also gifted with fantastic nature and artificial location, which will keep tourists captivated throughout their stay.

Are you planning on visiting Alaska this summer and don’t know where to begin? Well, not to worry. This article will shed light on five amazing things that most do for tourists visiting Alaska for the first time.

5 Amazing Things to Do in Alaska

Visit Kroschel Films Wildlife Center

Wolverine Coming Out of Burrow at Kroschel Films Wildlife Center Things to do in Alaska
Wolverine Coming Out of Burrow at Kroschel Films Wildlife Center

Well, this beautiful wildlife center is located just 20miles from Haines, Alaska. Filmmaker and naturalist Steve Kroschel use this vast acre of land to care for abandoned and orphaned wild animals from Alaska or Canada.

It is a reserve where such animals can live freely, without gates or bars like a zoo. A visit to this wildlife center will allow you to see these fantastic animals in their natural habitat as you trail them on over 600yards of groomed trails. Take amazing photos of the different spices in this reserve, from the Grizzly bear to the Lynx and even the rare Reindeer.

Tour Around the Laboratory Aquarium and Touch Tank

A bird’s eye view of a Christmas anemone at the Kodiak Lab touch tank. | © NOAA Fisheries
A bird’s eye view of a Christmas anemone at the Kodiak Lab touch tank | © NOAA Fisheries

This beautiful laboratory aquarium is located in the Alaska fisheries science center. It holds over 3500 gallons of aquarium saltwater and is home to different types of sea life fetched from the Kodiak Island waterway.

Enjoy breathtaking views of colorful sea life, swimming in these well-prepared fish tanks. Famous sea life that swims these waters includes crabs, shrimps, snails, starfish, and other small fishes. A visit to this center will leave you and your family with a newfound appreciation for the ocean.

Explore Through the Contents of The Aurora Ice Museum

 Aurora Ice Museum at the Chena hot springs resort |  © Chena hot springs resort's Website
Aurora Ice Museum at the Chena hot springs resort | © Chena hot springs resort’s Website

This museum is located in the Chena hot springs resort, which is open all year round. It is created with over 1000 Tons of ice and snow and is kept at 25° Fahrenheit. It means that visitors will have to be loaned parkas to tour the museum.

In the museum, you have the opportunity to observe some of the fantastic ice sculptures designed by Steve, a world champion ice carver, and Heather Brice. The museum also has an ice altar which can be rented for use inside the museum for events and wedding celebrations. A visit to this museum will shortly be worth your while, for it will help you understand the beauty behind ice sculptures; it will also give your insight into the history of this great area and some of the best Ice sculptures the world has ever seen. All this makes this museum a destination you should bypass.

Visit The Husky Homestead, Alaska

Husky Homestead Tours |  © Husky Homestead's Facebook
Husky Homestead Tours | © Husky Homestead’s Facebook

Well, many people are always in search of a vacation that will keep them on their toes. And not many destinations can offer that, except a few, for which the Husky Homestead is included. At this fantastic location, you get the opportunity to ride on a dog sled while being sped along by the stead’s huskies.

You also get to meet the famous four times winner of the Iditarod race and hundreds of other sled races, Jeff King. This place is open to those who are curious about the Alaska lifestyle, including his huskies. And as a plus, while there, you can listen to exciting stories from Jeff and workers about this grand homestead. If you love pups, chances are, you get to see newly born husky pups, which is just the cutest site.

Observe Treaded Birds in Alaska Raptor Center

Alaskan Bald Eagle at Alaska Raptor Center | © Alaska Raptor Center's Website
Alaskan Bald Eagle at Alaska Raptor Center

Like many other countries suffering from a change in habitat, reduction of their natural habitat, and endangerment due to poacher hunting, Alaska is no different. And it was because of the fight to stop this from happening to birds in Alaska by two passionate women that gave birth to this establishment.

This center was established in 1980 and was moved to its current 17acers location in 1991. Since then, it has helped rescue and treat so many endangered birds, releasing them once they are In good shape. Explore this fantastic facility, and learn just how the center has helped preserve thousands of birds in Alaska. It could be a fun and educational trip for you and your family.


Alaska is a country worth visiting this summer with family and friends, so no need to worry anymore about where to visit. Just get on the next flight and start on a journey you would not forget in this lifetime.


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