Hiking Tips You Should Know Before Going to Alaska

If you are looking for a perfect destination to go hiking, you may consider going to Alaska. Curious wildlife is hidden by pristine forests, the landscape is covered by wildflowers, and the sky is kissed by mountain peaks. But, if you are new to this state, the unique demands of the terrain may surprise you.

If you are going into the beautiful Alaskan woods, an experienced backpacker will always advise you never to go unprepared. Below are a few hiking tips that you should know before going to Alaska.

Things you shouldn’t forget while going Hiking in Alaska

Rugged Hiking Boots

Preparing your boots Hiking Tips in Alaska
Preparing Your Boots

Many tourists often make the mistake of assuming that running shoes will be sufficient to go for one day hike in Alaska. But experienced hikers know that this misconception is silly. Sometimes, knowledgeable backpackers are surprised about the roughness of the terrain on their boots.

You will definitely come across moose and bear poop, rocky terrain, and multiple creek crossings. You might get surprised about how fast you will come across significantly different terrain, as well as how adjustable your boots need to be. You might be hiking along one established terrain, and within just a short period, you are already scrambling up a creek bed. Before you know it, you may see yourself trudging through ice and snow. It is highly recommended to come with a high-ankle, waterproof boot with plenty of support and very sticky rubber.

Hiking Companions

Your Hiking Companions
Your Hiking Companions

It doesn’t matter whether you are hiking one mile or a hundred miles; you should always go with a hiking partner for more safety, especially if you are new to Alaska. If you go hiking with a friend, it will reduce your chances of getting visited by unwelcome wildlife. Hiking with other people helps to keep the bears far from you, plus you will be able to bond with coworkers or new friends and also have the opportunity to see the Bald Eagle’s nest.

Bear Spray

 Always Keep Bear Spray
Always Keep Bear Spray

Visitors are rarely attacked by bears, and you will even have lower chances if you heed our advice and carry your spray along. When unexpectedly seeing a bear on your hiking adventure, just spray the undesirable “cologne,” and it will run back into its cave. Carrying the spray is not all; you also need to know how it works. Avoid spraying upwind, and remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the spray before you touch your food or face.

First Aid Kit & Emergency Blanket

First Aid Kit & Emergency Blanket
First Aid Kit & Emergency Blanket

Alaska’s wilderness can quickly change, and a longer hike can result in much elemental exposure. Even if you are hiking for just a short day, you should still take precautions. If you fall into an icy river or sprain your ankle, you will need provisions that can help you return safely to town. Additionally, you should know how to make use of a first aid kit so that it won’t be a problem if you eventually need to use it.


These are some of the safety tips you may need before you go on your hiking adventures in Alaska. We wish you the best on your next vacation!


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