7 Adventure Locations You Must Visit This Year

Are you tired of your regular travel trips, visiting the same places, and doing all the same things. Are you in search of an adventure trip, one that will get your blood pumping and put you on edge? Well, You can enjoy all this and more.

You may by now be very excited and wondering, how can I experience all this and go on a real-life adventure? Or you may also be wondering, is it going to be dangerous? The answer to the first is yes, and to the later No.

With the help of a tour guide and other security measures, it’s safe to say that you can go on a real-life adventure without getting hurt. Well, what are some of these locations you can visit that will leave you captivated for the rest of your life? Well, let’s look at just seven of them.

Visit Egypt, And Tour Around Its Pyramid

Giza Pyramids, Cairo Adventure destinations in the world
Giza Pyramids, Cairo

This is one adventure I am sure you will not regret. The very sight of these pyramids will leave you in awe all through your trip and even into the future.

I will personally recommend that you take a non-selective tour around the Egyptian pyramids to make it feel more of an adventure. But if you feel as though you would love a well-structured tour, then you could make Proper arrangements for that.

Visit The Galuut Nature Reserve

The Galuut Nature Reserve, Mongolia
The Galuut Nature Reserve, Mongolia

Are you looking for a rather more exciting adventure? Then this reserve is just the place to visit. This beautiful reserve is located in the beautiful city of Mongolia.

Enjoy hiking, looking out for those endangered animals like the Musk deer. You could also ride on the back of a Bactrian camel around the Moltsog Els sand dune. Then finish your night with an unforgettable sleep with a view of the beautiful night sky right on top of a wooden gear.

Take A Trip To Alaska

Railroad Track in Denali National Park, Alaska
Railroad Track in Denali National Park, Alaska

Do feel like stepping up your game a bit more, taking on a more challenging weather condition participating in on of the most challenging competition America has to offer? Then, welcome to the biggest state in America, Alaska.

Here you not only have to battle with challenging weather conditions, but you also have the opportunity to push yourself to the limit by participating in the dog mushing competition. This competition will give you the ability to show your power as a leader by gracefully riding and directing a pack of purebred husky.

And if you are willing to stay longer than a day, then you could also visit the world’s largest mountain, Everest. Your adventure in Alaska will not be complete until you have climbed this popular mountain.

Take A Tour Around England

Sunset at Mam Tor Hope Valley in Derbyshire
Sunset at Mam Tor Hope Valley in Derbyshire

Are you looking for a more quiet and peaceful adventure? Then the streets of England are what you have been looking for. Take a tour around the city of England, visiting its lustrous gardens and castle-like buildings.

The city of England is also very popular for its diverse culture and amazing ecosystem. So if you are looking for a fun city to visit, where you could spend your time uncovering facts while still enjoying yourself, then England is a place to visit.

Visit Galapagos In Search Of Rich Wildlife

Seals in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Seals in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Well, most times when we watch Natgeo Wild and see some of our favorite animal experts venture into the wild to bring us Information about our favorite creatures, we may often wonder, will I ever be able to have my adventure?

Well, you can!!, With a visit to Galapagos, you get the chance to hike in search of amazing creatures, like the Boobies, penguins, sea lions, and more. And all this can be done safely with the help of a wildlife tour guide.

Visit Uganda

Chimpanzee walking across a dirt road, Uganda
Chimpanzee walking across a dirt road, Uganda

Adventure time!!, that’s how I feel when I think of Uganda. This country is popular for its gorilla population.

On your visit to Uganda, you will have the opportunity to hike through the rain forest in search of the amazing silverback gorillas, which by far the largest primates. And all this can be done from a distance with the help of a tour guide.

Visit The South African Safari

Gazelles in the field, Amboseli, Kenya
Gazelles in the field, Amboseli, Kenya

Are you a fan of nature? Then the African safari is a place for you. Take a tour around the safari in search of some of Africa’s most loved attractions, like the African elephant, the crocodile, and of course, the king of the jungle, our African lion.

Ensure not to wander off, for this adventure is better done with the safety of your tour van and course safety in numbers. But aside from that, this is one hell of an adventure I will recommend anytime.


All these locations mentioned in this article are locations worth visiting. So I hope you will include some of these locations on your adventure list this summer.


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