Best Location For Seeing Amazing Cherry Blossom This Spring in Kyoto, Japan

A majority of us are very familiar with the delicious cherry fruits that come from its trees, and some of us may not even be interested in the fruits but the flowers of the tree. And truth be told, cherry flowers, when they blossom, are a beautiful thing to see.

See this could feel your heart with love and respect for nature, even if you are not a fan of it. Well, for those of you who are a fan of nature and have been longing to see this awesome plant blossom, or maybe you have seen it once or twice and still want to see it again. This article will focus on five iconic locations in Kyoto, Japan, where you can find fantastic cherry blossoms.

Top Places To See Cherry Blossom

There are a lot of unique places to go when in search of awesome cherry blossoms, but I find those in Kyoto, Japan, more impressive and beautiful. So if you would not usually like to visit Japan, I will recommend you reconsider, that’s if you are interested in seeing these awesome cherry blossoms.

Kodai-Ji Temple

Kodai-Ji Temple Places to see cherry blossom in Kyoto
Kodai-Ji Temple

This is a tranquil temple outside of the sakura season and is famous for its amount of cherry trees. As a result, it attracts more crowds during spring.

If you are not a fan of the crowd and would love to have some alone time with the cherry blossoms, to breathe in the fresh air it emits, then I would recommend you visit and the beginning of springtime, around the early season of march. The entrance fee to this temple is about 600 yens.

Maruyama Park

Maruyama Park
Maruyama Park

This park, located north of Kodai-Ji, is a popular place for hanami parties in Kyoto. It is also famous for its abundance of cherry blossoms all around the park.

This beautiful sight adds to the beauty of this beautiful park. You could also arrive early enough to pick the best location, that is, if you would love to picnic in the park.

Kamogawa River

Kamogawa River
Kamogawa River

This is a gorgeous river that runs through all of Japan. You could spot beautiful cherry blossoms just at the river bank.

This is also an excellent tourist attraction, for you can decide to rent a bike and cycle north of the river to your stop at the imperial palace, then take another few cycles, and you are in the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden. No matter where you decide to cycle to, just around the riverside, you will be constantly gifted with views of unique cherry blossoms.

Takenaka Inari Shrine

Takenaka Inari Shrine
Takenaka Inari Shrine

This is a shrine in Kyoto worthy of visiting. First, you will be gifted with well-designed red torii gates, perfectly framed with cherry blossoms.

You would also find other cherry blossoms in this particular shrine. This is a magnificent and well-designed shrine with the only flaw, being that it was built beside a car park.


Hope this article helped show you the most amazing places to find cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan. Please note that there are other locations in the world to find cherry blossoms, but this article was written to show where you are most likely to see and enjoy this incredible sight.


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