Exciting Things to Do in San Sebastian, Spain, For Newcomers

Well, summer is almost here. Do you have plans to travel this summer? Well, if yes is your answer, have you considered visiting San Sebastian?

Well, before you answer that, you may probably be wondering, why would you visit San Sebastian? Well, San Sebastian is a very beautiful country with a diverse history and great heritage. Not to mention their amazing cuisines that are to die for.

San Sebastian also has a lot of hotels and restaurants that you just can’t find anywhere else. And the people are so welcoming and loving. If you have been reading this up until now, then you must want to visit San Sebastian. If that’s how you feel, then you must probably be wondering, “what do I do when I visit? “ well, not to worry, this article will focus on the fun things that are a must-do for newcomers.

Fun Things to Do in San Sabastian for New Visitors

Explore La Concha Beach

La Concha Beach

If you are new, and visiting San Sebastian for the first time, then you must definitely tour around this beach. This beach is known as the biggest and one of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe.

This beach is about 1.5km long and is shaped like a shell. Explore this beach in all its beauty while searching for beautiful seashells to add to your collection.

Visit Mount Igueldo

Monte Igueldo Things to Do in San Sebastian
Monte Igueldo

Are you a fan of breathtaking views, insane heights, and beautiful terrain? Then mount IGUELDO is one mountain to visit.

This mountain is located just west of LA CONCHA beach and is way higher than its neighboring mountain, Urgull. This mountain is towering 593.8 feet. And just for fun, you can visit the website amusement park located just on top of the mountain and ride their popular wooding roller coaster.

Go Hiking on The Urgull Mountain

Castillo de la Motaon Monte Urgull mountain
Castillo de la Mota on Monte Urgull mountain

If the views on mount IGUELDO were amazing, then you would definitely love hiking this mountain as well.

This mountain is located behind the San Telmo Museum and also features the great Mota castle. This mountain is as connected to the history of this country as any other place. So enjoy exploring this mountain while uncovering historical truths about this great mountain.

Visit Hondarribia

Houses and Architecture of Hondarribia
Houses and Architecture of Hondarribia

Looking for a simple yet fun town to visit? Then Hondarribia is a town that is just for you. This is a small fishing town just 23km east of San Sebastian. It is located just on the bay of Txingudialong, the border of France.

It is regarded as the most beautiful town in the whole of San Sebastian. You can go fishing in the evening while enjoying their delicious seafood delicacy by day.

Go On a Food Tour Around the City

Seafood Paella
Seafood Paella

Do you love food? Or maybe you’re a fan of the outdoors. Whatever your preference is, it doesn’t matter. Going on a tour from restaurant to restaurant, from town to town, tasting their dishes and special cuisines is a thrill and exciting fit for all types of travelers.

And to spice up your tour, try learning how to remake your favorite dishes from each of the restaurants you visit.


When visiting a country or city for the first time, it is normal to get lost in the abundance of activities, that you sometimes get lost in the moment. Hope this article will help give you a Clare mind while visiting San Sebastian, so you can enjoy every minute of your stay there.


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