Top 5 Best Countries for Foodies to Visit

Eating well and traveling well go together. Food has an overall impact on our travel experience. To get a glimpse into the heart of a nation, food is the best way to achieve this. It makes us get acquainted with people’s culture, learn about the people, and engage ourselves in what makes this place unique. What an honorable and personal experience it will be for us when we have the opportunity to eat with local people and share in their cuisine. The joy is beyond bonds.

As foodies, our mission has been to find the best countries with the best food ever. A lot of effort has been made just to make this possible, and if this is also your aim, then you are on the right track. This article is meant for you. We have listed out the five best countries that every foodie can visit. Where would you like to first visit?


Mexican Platillo Tacos - Mexican food
Mexican Platillo Tacos - Mexican food

This is a very good place for foodies to relinquish themselves in an unlimited feast of colors, music, spices, and flavors. While watching a sunset at the resort on the coast of California fur, you can enjoy mouth-watering food on the sandy beach. This is meant for people that prefer keeping things at a low key. Mexico is an inspiring place to visit, with lots of exciting experiences.

the USA

Barbecue Chicken Wings - American food
Barbecue Chicken Wings - American food

The U.S. is a large country that has an abundance of flavors, mashups, blends, and diverse traditions. A lot of people contributed to the food industry in America. You can find numerous professional chefs in America, and you know what that means! Different chefs, variety of food.

There are a lot of restaurants in the big city, that is, New York and Chicago. Different foods are provided each day, and they are very tasty. A healthy lifestyle exists in Los Angeles, and delicious fatty cuisine is offered on the east coast.


Set of Indian food
Set of Indian food

India is a country that is known for spicy foods, which are mouth-watering, finger-licking and it has the tastiest cuisines. It also offers spicy vegetarians foods. There are so many vegetarian meals that it is worth tasting. They are called vegetarian foods because the meals contain no flesh. They are purely vegetables, which makes our body look fresh and young.

The foods in India are not expensive; they are all affordable. It is one of the cheapest countries to travel to. Meals like Masala Dosa, Idli and Vada, and Malai Kofta are the must-try in India.


Set of Italian food
Set of Italian food

This is a country a foodie would not want to skip visiting. Italian has incredible and soft cuisine. The ingredients used in making the cuisines are based on simplicity and quality. You can get the best pasta and pizza in Italy. Not only that, the Italian spaghetti recipe is very incredible and very tasty. The Italian food is very intriguing because of the passion people show for it.

The Italians simplicity and loving lifestyles are always reflected through their food. The fresh, flavored, and simple food, has made it one of the main reasons why people love visiting this place.Bucatini all’ Amatriciana, Abbacchio Alla Romana, Pizza, Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, are the amazing  dishes you will find in Italy.


Set of Chinese food
Set of Chinese food

This is the best country a foodie can visit. The cuisines in China are the best. It provides you with real deals and authentic dishes. Fruit is not something you can joke about in China as they take a high interest in fruits. It is a unique country with the best fruit and produces. There are numerous dishes to try out in this remarkable country.

Foods like: Guo Bao Rou, Sichuan Hot Pot, Liangpi Noodle, and Soup Dumplings are mouth-watering foods you would not want to miss. All these fresh foods have been the reason why the oldest man to live came from China.


These are the top five countries a foodie can visit. You can get tasty, mouth-watering, and finger-licking food in these incredible countries. They all provide you with what you are looking for, which makes your visit worthwhile and filled with wonderful memories. Therefore, your travel will be extraordinary.


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