Four Cozy Hotels in Hudson Valley That Redefine Luxury

If you’re going to be taking out the time to have a Hudson Valley experience, then it’s only paramount you do it right! That includes your living situation as well. While having the best of food, visiting amazing places, and enjoying every bit of your stay, we wouldn’t want you to end the day going back to a hotel you don’t like.

If you’re looking for hotels to stay in irrespective of your specifications or preferences, you want to have a good time and feel comfortable while at it after going through the hassle of leaving your homes.

Well, if you’re looking for cozy hotels in Hudson Valley, beautiful scenery, spas, and views you want to wake up to, then we just might be able to help you. Here are a couple of them that might interest you, and we hope you find this list helpful.

Diamond Mills

Diamond Mills
Diamond Mills

The diamond mills in the Saugerties village in Hudson valley are an excellent place to stay if warmth and comfort are what you’re looking for. The fireplace in the lounge is simply irresistible and gives off only a tip of how you’re in for the time of your life.

The complimentary coffee the hotel offers can be savored for starters before being treated to exquisite American cuisines and rooms with views that light up your day when you wake up in the morning.

The hotel is perfectly situated in close distance with ski resorts and a savor spa; it’s certain nothing can go wrong. 

Most popular amenities: Free parking Free WiFi Fitness Center Bar

Overlook Lodge and Stone Cottages at Bear Mountain

Double Room with Two Double Beds - Overlook Lodge and Stone Cottages at Bear Mountain Cozy hotels in Hudson Valley
Double Room with Two Double Beds - Overlook Lodge and Stone Cottages at Bear Mountain

With its location at the base of the mountain in Tomkins Cove, NY, off the Appalachian trail, the bear mountain is another delight to behold. The oversized fireplaces the inn provides not only allows for guests to get cozy but the experience is completed with farm-to-table eateries at strategic locations in the restaurant.

The experience isn’t complete without their full-body spa, which helps complete your experience of total relaxation.

Most popular amenities: 1 swimming pool Bar

The 1850

Room Eight at 1850 House Inn & Tavern Cozy hotels in Hudson Valley
Room Eight at 1850 House Inn & Tavern

The 1850 is located at Rosendale, NY. With its signature cozy fireplaces, the inn completes the look with several old blocks of wood, brick, and the little Rosendale town. The creekfront deck couldn’t be any more perfect for relaxation and having any of the inn complimentary drinks.

Maybe you want something a bit extra? The hotel offers a variety of other cocktails that are spiked just enough to help keep your vacation spirit always on a hundred. It only gets better, as the hotel has a provision for group skiing and snowshoeing.

Most popular amenities: Free parking Free WiFiFree breakfast Non-smoking rooms

Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House in Winter Cozy hotels in Hudson Valley
Mohonk Mountain House in Winter

The Mohonk Mountain House located at New Paltz in NY has existed for over 150 years and has only gotten better and better all the while. The castle inspired design with family ownership situated at the best location it could be on has garnered a reputation of excellence. 

Most popular amenities: Free parking Free WiFiSwimmingpool Fitness Center Bar Non-smoking rooms

The inn is surrounded by Hudson valley history sights such as the FDR estate, Vanderbilt mansion, and more. A complimentary sherry decanter is offered to help guests stay warm on cold winter nights.


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