Visiting Hudson Valley? Check-in at The Best hotels in Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley, with its original yet evolving attraction sites, keeps drawing more people to itself. Its outdoor sceneries continue to be appealing, and its culinary experience remains ever hair raising from one dish to another. Little wonder why there is a year-round urge to visit these places. As such, a higher demand needs for hotels and an equal supply of the demand.

As with every other thing in the city, careful attention is being put into these hotels. While some traditional hotels are being renovated to higher standards and ensure smooth living experiences, new hotels are being built.

Beauty, safety, and positioning are being considered to give the best experiences to their customers, and so far, here are a couple of the best hotels that have remained in the limelight.

Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House Best hotels in Hudson Valley
Mohonk Mountain House

With a perfect view at the heart of the Hudson River, the Victorian-themed designed hotel has been existing for years now and is known to be a historic landmark. Its location and land expanse of over 40,000 acres allow for its environs to be explored by guests for various outdoor experiences such as hiking.

The hotel allows for group activities and individual activities alike, allowing everyone to have fun. Other activities available to explore by guests include their heated pool, golf course, tennis courts, of course, a well-equipped spa, and even a kids club.

Most popular amenities: Free parking Free WiFiSwimmingpool Fitness Center Bar Non-smoking rooms

The Maker Hotel

The Maker Hotel Best hotels in Hudson Valley
The Maker Hotel

The Maker hotel, which was established in 2020 was ensured that they were scrutinized by security experts. The rooms are spacious with an aura of sophistication while exuding originality. For the interior, a beautiful twist of dark and, at the same time, plush designs gives it a unique look that sets it apart from every other hotel.

The dining experience is second to none and served in a conserved area with exquisite lighting. Fresh coffee paired with their all-day meal and fresh pastries. However, provisions are usually made for special dining experiences and brasseries.

Most popular amenities: Free parking Free WiFiSwimmingpool Fitness CenterFree breakfast

Spruceton Inn

Spruceton Inn
Spruceton Inn

The Spruceton Inn, by design, gives you a cozy feel as it is situated in a Dutch farmhouse dating back to the 1800s, not quite far from NYC. The feeling of originality and stepping back in time is reinvented as there are no TVs or Wifi. The plan is not to cut you out of civilization hence the provision for the internet where the bar is located.

As for the decoration, no hassle is done to make the place look extra. The hardwood decor is matched with plain white colored sheets that complete the look. It was done in such a way that it can maintain its originality while maintaining the welcoming aura it exudes.

Most popular amenities: Free parkingFree internetFree breakfast BarFamily Friendly

As much as recreational activities are not lacking, exquisite hotels and cuisines are also not a hard find. The best hotels listed in this article are a good place to start. If it’s going to cost you time, energy, and money, why not get the best?


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