Ireland: When Should You Go?

Whether this country is popular for you being the home of the Guinness Beer or its rich and colorful history, Ireland is a great country to visit. The Republic of Ireland is separated from Great Britain where the location is on the right. Its capital – Dublin – is considered as one of the overall top thirty cities in the world.

For those who might not know, North Ireland should not be confused with mainland Ireland, as it is part of the United Kingdom. Even if it is not a part of Ireland, some people on the island also speak Irish.

Many travelers say that Ireland can be visited all year round, as there are many fun activities and festivals to enjoy. Therefore, the best time to go to Ireland depends on what weather and what attractions you would like to see. Ireland also has four seasons – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. If you are concerned about the rainfall, the country receives almost a similar amount of rain for any season or month of the year. Even though, Summer and Spring (March to August) have the least number of rains.

Emo Woods in Spring Best time to visit Ireland
Emo Woods in Fall

Ireland has a relatively moderate climate that can be too hot or too cold in some months. Summer is the hottest that could reach up to 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees in Fahrenheit), while the coldest is obviously the winter season which can be as low as 6 degrees Celsius (43 degrees in Fahrenheit).

Dublin in Winter
Dublin in Winter

Let’s try to see what are the highlights of visiting Ireland in different seasons, starting with winter (which is from December to February). Though these months are preferred by those who would like to walk in icy temperatures, some tourist attractions are closed and there are lesser flights to the country due to the weather condition. However, these are the months where there are the least people in most attractions.

Lush Green Meadows in Ireland
Lush Green Meadows in Ireland

Spring can be very busy as students start coming back to their regular school schedule. There could be a number if school field trips in these months, which can make certain tourist destinations to be crowded. However, the tourism department starts creating campaigns and promotions during these times. This is also the start of festivals that makes establishments and event areas to be very busy.

Achill Island in Summer
Achill Island in Summer

Summer is actually the peak season, even the temperatures are the hottest in the country for the whole year. Places can be jampacked as locals also take their own vacation during this season. Establishments such as restaurants and accommodations can be very crowded and fully booked. On the other hand, the fall season can have a relaxed atmosphere but may have fewer options for travelers as some attractions begin to close. However, this season can be the cheapest for hotels and special offers can be availed.

Ireland is a country where history is much preserved and valued while welcoming modern ideas and adapting to European standards. This is one of the reasons why many people would like to visit and experience what the best of the city has to offer. Depending on what season you prefer, Ireland is one of the best European countries you have to visit.


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