Love The Beach? Here Are Some of Ireland’s Best Beaches

It is not surprising that Ireland has beautiful beaches – considering the 6,200 kilometers of coastline. Swimming through the Atlantic Ocean might not be inviting at first, but there are a few secret spots that might not be known to tourists. Perfect during the hot summer days, taking a dip on Ireland’s beaches will change the way you see the country.

Silver Strand Beach

Silver Strand Beach Best beaches in Ireland
Silver Strand Beach

Located in the Sherkin Island in Country Cork, the Silver Strand Beach (An Trá Bhán in Irish) is one of the famous beaches in East Ireland. It has beautiful sands and a mesmerizing view of Cape Clear Island. The remote horseshoe-shaped beach may require some endurance to walk through the cliffside but will be totally worth it. This is one of the best-rated beaches in the country, recommended by many travelers and travel bloggers.

It is less than 3 hours drive from Dublin or catches a bus from Aston Quay in Dublin to reach Galway then take another bus going to Barna then take an approximately 15-minute walk to the beach proper. There is an option to catch a ferry from the Roaringwater Bay from the fishing port in Baltimore, then walk for about 20 minutes to reach the beach.

Whiterocks Beach

Whiterocks Beach
Whiterocks Beach

Visiting this beach makes it feel like you are in the center of a movie or TV series. This unbelievable yet accessible beach is less known for tourists but common for locals. It is located in Portrush, County Antrim. Get ready to see the limestone cliffs and rocks that are naturally sculpted by the sea. This is also common to surfers with its nice waves or just go appreciate its beauty together with some hunting hawks in view.

It is preferred to reach a car, which is just off the Causeway Coastal Route. The commute is possible but may require riding a number of trains and switch stations. If you decide to do so, head to the Portrush Train Station and which is less than a kilometer away from the beach.

The Murder Hole Beach

The Murder Hole Beach
The Murder Hole Beach

It is also known as the Boyeeghter Bay, so don’t be frightened with its name. Rumors say that the name was formed when a woman jumped off the cliff, but no one can prove the truth about it. This ‘hidden beach’ is considered the most unique place to visit in the area. The beach became popular after beautiful drone shots were uploaded online and became viral. However, the landowner closed the access as the influx of visitors left the beach dirty. Swimming is not allowed due to rip tides and sudden strong waves. Watch out for this beach as they might open it soon!

Once it opens again, you can drive to Melmore Head in Northern Donegal. Just make sure to park your car properly, as roads can be narrow. Commuting to this location can be a real challenge from Dublin, so it is better to go by car.

Trá Bán Beach

the Great Blasket Island
the Great Blasket Island

Trá Bán means ‘White Beach’ in Irish and you might not be surprised why. This beautiful beach boasts its beautiful white sand that compliments the deep blue waters. The area has a number of stone ruins, that give the scenery a dramatic view. Swimming is highly discouraged on the beach due to the strong waves. There is no food or supplies shop nearby, so it is recommended to bring your own in case you would like to have a picnic. Just make sure to clean before you leave as a sign of respect to other beach visitors.

This beach is located on the Great Blasket Island, a separate island from the mainland. It can be reached by ferry but it is seasonal (only during spring, summer, and autumn). Ride one from Dingle, Ventry of through Dún Chaoin (Dunquin). While on the ferry, you may spot some dolphins, sharks, and birds along the ride. It is a few minute’s walk once you reach the island.

These are just 4 of the best beaches that you can visit in Ireland. If you are truly a beach lover and would love some adventure, try visiting the other beaches in the country. You may also ask locals as a number of beautiful beaches are lesser-known to tourists. Ireland is not just about its memorable historical sites or beautiful buildings, it also boasts its great beaches that are worth visiting.


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