Top 7 Fantastic Places to Visit in Alaska

Exploring different countries is a fantastic thing to do. You will get acquainted with the people, their cultures, and gain lovely experiences. If you are a lover of wildlife such as whales, bears, salmons, and jellyfish, then Alaska is a must-visit country. You can add it to your bucket list of countries to visit.

It is well known for its stunning Serene, glaciers, lots of mountains, and gorgeous waterways. There are also lovely places you can explore when you visit Alaska. This article is going to consider the top 7 places to visit in Alaska.

Fuel your car and hit the road to see the best places to visit in Alaska.

Top 7 places to visit in Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier

Explorer Inside Ice Cave, Mendenhall Glacier Places to Visit in Alaska
Explorer Inside Ice Cave, Mendenhall Glacier

This is a lovely place to visit in Alaska. Tourists have been attracted to this place because of how the glacier stretches 12 miles from the ice field of Juneau. The ice at this place is 300 and 1,800 feet deep. Isn’t that amazing?

When you kayak up or fly through a helicopter, you will be able to have a fabulous view of the Mendenhall glaciers. The structure is like a crystalline, which brings out a fantastic blue color, and the reflection of light away from the ice is affected. The ice caves are worth exploring when you visit the Mendenhall glaciers.

Hubbard Glacier

Sunrise at Hubbard Glacier
Sunrise at Hubbard Glacier

It takes about 200 miles northwest of Juneau off the coast of Yakutat in Wrangell St. To reach Hubbard Glacier. This is the best place anyone would love to visit in Alaska. It Is a vast place. From the place it meets the ocean, it takes about 6 miles. It is a very active place to be. Your visit to this place is worthwhile as Alaska is a beautiful and fulfilled place.


The scenic White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, Skagway
The scenic White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, Skagway

This is a lovely and wealthy place. A lot of people visit this decided to reside at this place because of the hope of getting rich quickly. This place is full of old saloons, wooden sidewalks, and 19-century dresses of people.

It is now part of a grand natural museum which is in Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. During summer, a lot of cruise ships are filled with tourists that want to experience the history of this beautiful place.


Sitka Harbor, Baranof Island
Sitka Harbor, Baranof Island

For nature lovers and those that are intrigued by the culture, Sitka is the right place you need to visit in Alaska. When it comes to history, you can also get a lot of history at this place. It is located on the picturesque Baranof Island, which is found in the Alexander Archipelago. The mountains are beautifully covered with snow.

An outdoor exploring is an ideal thing to do because of the stunning nature that surrounds it. This is a town that was bought by Americans from Russians. This made them mark the day and always celebrated the event that occurred on that day every year. There are amazing things you can do at Sitka, such as hiking through the spruce. When you do this, you will be opportune to see the American bald eagle, black-tailed bear, and lots more. Without any doubt, this is an excellent place to visit in Alaska.

Denali National Park

Denali National Park
Denali National Park

It is central Alaska that this place is located. 20,310 feet is the highest peak of the Alaska Range, which is Alaska’s top destinations. The Denali National Parks has the highest mountain in North America. Some part of the mountain, which is the upper part of it filled covered with snow and glaciers. The part is usually freezing, but despite this, animals of about 39 species of birds and mammals have made these places their home.

This is one of the most popular places to visit in Alaska. It has been an attraction to tourists. And 650 species of flowering plants have covered the slopes of the mountains during summer. The people of Athabaskan have been residing at this place for thousands of years, and they have found this place charming to live in.


The Creek Street in Ketchikan
The Creek Street in Ketchikan

Ketchikan is an excellent place to visit in Alaska. It is located on the Island of Revillagigedo in the National forest of Tongass. It is a place of beauty, with waterfalls, diverse wildlife, cedar, and lots more. It is a place that is filled with fishing boats, barges, ferries, and floatplanes.

Ketchikan is a city that is booming with businesses. It takes 31 miles to reach the bluffs along the shoreline. The business is most common to be set up over the waters, all you need to do is to take a walk, and you will reach there. Throughout Ketchikan, you can see the Native Haida and the art of Tsimshian. When you visit this city, you will occupy yourself with a lot of things and gains lots of experience.


Small Alaskan town of Halibut Cove in Kachemak Bay on the Kenai Peninsula
Small Alaskan town of Halibut Cove in Kachemak Bay on the Kenai Peninsula

This is a weird and fascinating little town that is near the shore of Kachemak Bay, which is located in the southern Kenai Peninsula. This little town is an excellent city for fishing. The nature at this place is breathtaking, fantastic nature views can be sighted at this place, and it is also filled with inspiring arts.

The people that reside in this place live a simple life. Most of them rotate around the Spit. There are restaurants and shops that you will see that lines the road, which leads to the beautiful blue bay. The mountains help a lot in reducing cold from the town, therefore, providing not too cold weather to the town. There are several exciting things you can do when you visit Alaska, such as fishing, exploring the extraordinary and natural landscapes, and lots more.


Your visit to Alaska will be a lovely experience, because of the beautiful places that you can visit. This city is filled with a lot of beauty; the glaciers are unique with natural landscapes. Take your time, plan your trip, and have a fun-filled, exciting experience in these unique places in Alaska.


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